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Movie history events from 2011

Mr. Isaacs has a meeting with a high power of another country. (Empire Grand Hotel, London) (2012)

The Mona Lisa is replaced by a fake replica. (Musee Du Louve, Paris) (2012)

The Mona Lisa is taken to a bunker. (Switzerland) (2012)

99% of the Earth's population is taken out by a virus; the survivors are placed under the care of Dr Goodchild, who found a cure. (Aeon Flux)

Eighty-four hours of classified footage is uploaded to (Apollo 18)

Jerry and Gloria return home from Antwerp. (Away We Go)

Nicole Hurley and Milo Boyd get married. (The Bounty Hunter)

According to an Office of Public Health Awareness commercial, this is the year that the Simian Flu starts spreading. (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

2011 Dodge Charger designed by Ronny and Nick is made. (The Dilemma)

The year on a banner at Stanton High. (Connecticut) (Grown Ups 2)

Amanda tells Sampson Dunston that he must deliver the remains of Thomas Crowley to his son Victor Crowley. Sampson's response: "Go fuck yourself." (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Danny has his medical assistant Katherine pose as his soon-to-be ex-wife, so he can romance Palmer. (California) (Just Go with It)

Danny Maccabee meets Palmer Dodge and pretends that Katherine Murphy is his ex-wife and that he had kids with her. Along with Danny's cousin Eddie Simms, they all go on a trip to Hawaii. (Just Go with It)

Elizabeth Oberstein dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Someone dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Benjamin Mills dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Sheriff Ray Owens and company make a stand against Gabriel Cortez. (Sommerton, Arizona) (The Last Stand)

Daybreak's comfortable year ends, but it may have more. (New York City) (Morning Glory)

Ahern Records suffers from music piracy. (New York City) (New Year's Eve)

Marni is born. (Repo! The Genetic Opera)

The earliest year in the CCTV footage given to Alex Murphy. (Detroit, Michigan) (RoboCop)

The Vice President of the US dies. CIA agent Evelyn Salt is named as a Russian spy in a plot to kill the current Soviet Premiere. (Salt)

Dan Sanders begins testing the I-13 compound on 30 apes at Genetic Primate Research Center. (Scary Movie 5)

Thor gets banished to New Mexico and fights The Destroyer Armour and then goes back to Asgard and fights Loki. (New Mexico) (Thor)

A video titled: "Chinese Opera - 2011" is uploaded to Youtube (China) (Unfriended)

To protest the billion dollar “mutant cure” arms race led by Trask industries, Yashida Corp and other multinational pharmaceutical companies, Occupy Wall Street marches from the X-Mansion to Zuccotti Park. Sentinels attack the peaceful mutant demonstration. In the ensuing chaos, Warren Worthington III, the mutant known as “Angel,” is killed. (New York City, New York) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

January: Nick Dunne begins having an affair with his student Andie Fitzgerald around this time. (Missouri) (Gone Girl)

Saturday 1st January: Seth and Kim kiss at midnight. Later, Seth cannot find her but keeps a napkin with a note from her saying to meet on the next New Year's Eve. (New York City) (New Year's Eve)

Saturday 1st January: UFC Revolution fight between Chris Leben and Brian Stann is broadcasted on pay-per-view. (New Year's Eve)

February: Alex and his friends leave Madagascar and land in continental Africa, where Alex is reunited with his family. (Africa) (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa)

February: Captain Colter Stevens reportedly dies in Afghanistan. The remaining top half of his body is to be taken to the Source Code facility. (Afghanistan) (Source Code)

February: Dylan Mee is expelled from school. Benjamin Mee buys Rosemoor Wildlife Park. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Saturday 12th February: Opening night of the production Swan Lake. Nina arrives ready to perform as The Swan Queen, only to find out Thomas has given her role to Lily. (New York City, New York ) (Black Swan)

Saturday 12th February: Opening night of the production Swan Lake. Nina arrives ready to perform as The Swan Queen, only to find out Thomas has given her role to Lily. (New York City, New York ) (Black Swan)

Sunday 13th February: The Hotel for Dogs was open. (Central City) (Hotel for Dogs)

Sunday 13th February: Julia Fitzpatrick spends the night with Dr. Harrison Copeland, and Liz Curran spends the night with Jason Morris. (Los Angeles, California) (Valentine's Day)

Monday 14th February: Valentine's Day affects many people. (Los Angeles, California) (Valentine's Day)

Tuesday 15th February: Valentine's Day is over. (Los Angeles, California) (Valentine's Day)

March: Macgruber and Vicki get married, but not without being interrupted by Cunth, who is killed by Macgruber. (MacGruber)

March: A chimpanzee who will become known as Bright Eyes is captured. She is pregnant with her and her mate Alpha's baby. (Africa) (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

March: Penny does not see James Speck for the next twelve months. (New Jersey) (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World)

Thursday 10th March: Bright Eyes' treatment at Gen-Sys begins. (San Francisco, CA) (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Saturday 19th March: UFC Revolution fight featuring Shogun vs Jones and Faber vs Wineland is broadcasted live on pay-per-view. (New Year's Eve)

April: Eric Lamonsoff is fired from a lawn furniture company. (New England) (Grown Ups)

April: Stevens uses a Source Code to figure out who blew up a train heading towards Chicago. (Source Code)

Saturday 2nd April: Joe Morelli is arrested. (Trenton, New Jersey) (One for the Money)

Thursday 7th April: Kara promises AJ that she will have sex with him on her 18th birthday. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Reunion)

Friday 8th April: Olive gets a card with the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Saturday 9th April: Olive sings along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Sunday 10th April: Olive continues singing along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Monday 11th April: Ambivalent aliens land off the coast of Los Angeles to engage in war with humans for the water on our planet. United States Marines engage the enemy and destroy their ability to provide air support to their troops on the ground. (Los Angeles, California) (Battle: Los Angeles)

Monday 11th April: Olive lies to Rhiannon about losing her virginity. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Tuesday 12th April: Olive gets more attention at school and gets in trouble when she calls another girl a "twat". (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Wednesday 13th April: Olive and Brandon clean the school during detention. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Monday 18th April: Olive hangs out with Rhi and gets a phone call from Brandon. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Tuesday 19th April: Brandon asks Olive to pretend to have sex with him so that people think that he's a heterosexual. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Wednesday 20th April: Olive pretends to have sex with Brandon at a party to make people think he's not a homosexual. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Thursday 21st April: Olive shows up to school wearing an outfit that attracts a lot of attention. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

Friday 22nd April: Earth Day (Easy A)

Monday 25th April: Marielana Gutierrez becomes a dance instructor. (The Internship)

May: Olive Penderghast tells her story via webcam through and rides off with Todd on a lawnmower. (Ojai, California) (Easy A)

May: Bright Eyes gives birth. She breaks out of her cell and is shot during Will Rodman's presentation regarding ALZ-112. Chimp handler Robert Franklin gives her son to Will, who take him home and names him Caesar. (San Francisco, CA) (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

May: Inspector Walter Ferris does a pop-in at Rosemoore Wildlife Park. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Sunday 1st May: Osama Bin Laden is shot and killed by a member of Seal Team 6. (Pakistan) (Planet Terror)

Wednesday 4th May: The date that appeared on Johnny English's cell phone on the day that he had dinner with Simon. (Johnny English Reborn)

Friday 13th May: At least 1,500 people attend Thomas Kubs' 17th birthday party. (North Pasadena, California) (Project X)

Saturday 14th May: T-Rick arrives at the party with his flamethrower in an attempt to reclaim his gnome. He survives an explosion and the police arrive. (North Pasadena, California) (Project X)

Sunday 15th May: Thomas' parents return and intend to use his college fund to pay for all the damages. (North Pasadena, California) (Project X)

Monday 16th May: Thomas apologizes to Kirby at school. (North Pasadena, California) (Project X)

Thursday 26th May: Macgruber's passport expires. (MacGruber)

Monday 30th May: A date in Sean Fentress' planner. (Source Code)

Tuesday 31st May: Sean Fentress schedules to have coffee with Christina Warren on this day. (Illinois) (Source Code)

June: Robbie Weaver gives a pessimistic Salutatorian speech at his 8th grade graduation. Cal interrupts to inspire him and it is hinted that he and Emily may reconcile. Jessica gives Robbie naked pictures of herself. Cal allows Jacob Palmer to date his daughter Hannah. (Crazy, Stupid, Love)

June: Coach "Buzzer" dies. (New England) (Grown Ups)

June: Kevin Carson graduates from high school. (Lottery Ticket)

June: The whole month is spent preparing Rosemoore Animal Park for inspection. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Wednesday 1st June: A date in Sean Fentress' planner. (Source Code)

Thursday 2nd June: A date in Sean Fentress' planner. (Source Code)

Saturday 4th June: As a keynote speaker at the 2011 TEDx Conference, ESD Director David Levinson highlights some of the breakout consumer products that were inspired by alien technologies - including the touchscreen smartphones, bladeless fans, drones and airport security scanners. (Independence Day: Resurgence)

Tuesday 21st June: A check is written to Peter's Pipes. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Wednesday 22nd June: A Jewerlry Appraisal Report lists one natural diamond. (Brooklyn, NY) (Man on a Ledge)

Wednesday 29th June: Benjamin's older brother Duncan helps him get the zoo ready for inspection. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Thursday 30th June: Walter Ferris inspects Rosemoor Animal Park and it passes inspection. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Friday 1st July: After their coach's funeral, Lenny, Eric, Kurt, Rob, and Marcus bring family members to a lake house. (New England) (Grown Ups)

Friday 1st July: Kevin tries talking to Nikki Swayze but gets turned down. (Lottery Ticket)

Saturday 2nd July: The coach's ashes are spread on an island. (New England) (Grown Ups)

Saturday 2nd July: Kevin Carson finds out that he won the lottery but has to wait 3 days to get the money. (Lottery Ticket)

Sunday 3rd July: The families go to a waterpark. (New England) (Grown Ups)

Sunday 3rd July: Kevin almost has sex with Stacey and gets knocked out by Lorenzo, who steals his lottery ticket. (Lottery Ticket)

Monday 4th July: A rematch between the two basketball teams who played against each other in 1978 results in the team that lost winning. (New England) (Grown Ups)

Monday 4th July: Lorenzo gets knocked out by Mr. Washington and Kevin gets his lottery ticket back. (Lottery Ticket)

Tuesday 5th July: Kevin gets the money. (Lottery Ticket)

Wednesday 6th July: It rains, and the weather reporter on TV mistakenly says that it is July 6, 2010. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Thursday 7th July: Rosemoor Animal Park opens. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Saturday 23rd July: Rick and Maggie Mills go to a presentation. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Sunday 24th July: Rick meets Leigh at a coffee shop. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Saturday 30th July: A conversation between Rick and Fred at Ed's house causes Maggie to give Rick a hall pass. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Sunday 31st July: Fred Searing masturbates in his car and is caught by cops. This incident causes his wife Grace to give him a hall pass. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

August: Benjamin Mee orders tickets for this month. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Monday 1st August: Fred, Rick, Flats, and Hog Head eat a lot of meat at Applebee's. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Tuesday 2nd August: Gary Putney gives Fred and Rick brownies made with marijuana at a golf course. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Wednesday 3rd August: Fred and Rick's friends leave them since they are making no progress. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Thursday 4th August: Rick speaks to Leigh at the coffee shop. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Friday 5th August: Rick gets injured at the gym where Leigh works out. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Saturday 6th August: Coakley takes Fred and Rick to a party. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Sunday 7th August: Rick does not have sex with Leigh and decides that his wife is the only one for him. Fred finds out that Grace got in a car accident after giving Paige's aunt a fo job. Her son almost shoots Rick and Grace as they drive away. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)

Saturday 13th August: 5:00 pm The wedding of Edward Cullin to Isabella Swan. (Forks,Washington) (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1)

Saturday 27th August: Sean William Carmichael goes to Berlin. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

September: According to a typo on an FBI document, this is when Claire Keesey witnessed the 6/16/10 robbery. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)

October: Kevin announces that his company will give back to the community and Mr. Washington is head of security. (Lottery Ticket)

October: Betty's niece is raped in a food court. (The Way Way Back)

Saturday 1st October: Amy thinks that it is time for her and Nick to have a baby, but he disagrees. As she tries to keep him from leaving the house, he pushes her toward the staircase, and she begins to fear him. (Missouri) (Gone Girl)

Sunday 2nd October: Amy writes about Nick coming undone after his mother's death. (Gone Girl)

Monday 31st October: Martin Huggins attends a Halloween party dressed as Lady Gaga. (The Campaign)

Monday 31st October: Pam meets Trent at a Halloween party. (Albany, New York) (The Way Way Back)

November: Andrew Detmer, Matt Garetty, and Steve Montgomery discover an underground object that gives them telekinetic abilities. (Chumash Valley, CA) (Chronicle)

November: Liz and Martin Harris book a suite in Berlin two weeks in advance. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

Tuesday 1st November: Martin Huggins is still dressed up as Lady Gaga. (The Campaign)

Wednesday 2nd November: Martin Huggins' last day dressed as Lady Gaga. (The Campaign)

Sunday 20th November: Dr. Martin Harris arrives in Berlin, but forgets his briefcase at the airport and goes back to get it only to end up in a car crash. He hits his head on the car window and his heart stops. He is revived and awakens 4 days later to find out that he IS NOT Dr. Martin Harris after all. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

Sunday 20th November: Dr Martin Harris' cab crashes into a river. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

Thursday 24th November: Dr. Martin Harris awakens from his coma and suffers from amnesia. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

Thursday 24th November: Dr Martin Harris wakes up from his 4-day coma. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

Friday 25th November: Gwen sends out a letter to Santa Claus asking how he is able to do his job. (Trelew, Cornwall, England) (Arthur Christmas)

Friday 25th November: Martin Harris' scheduled meeting with Professor Bressler. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

Saturday 26th November: Isabel Kronenberger shows. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

Sunday 27th November: The assassination of Prince Shada is thwarted, and "Martin Harris" takes on a new identity as Henry Taylor. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)

December: Andrew pretends to be a magician at the school talent show. He becomes popular until he accidentally vomits on Monica. He gets angry and accidentally strikes Steve to death with lightning. He tries to become an apex predator and nearly kills his father until Matt stops him and kills him with a statue's spear. (Chumash Valley, CA) (Chronicle)

December: The Rosemoore Animal Park debit card stops being valid. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Friday 2nd December: Arthur receives Gwen's letter and responds. (North Pole) (Arthur Christmas)

Friday 16th December: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is released. (New Year's Eve)

Saturday 24th December: A minute before Santa Claus and his elves appear. (Aarhus, Eastern Denmark) (Arthur Christmas)

Saturday 24th December: Kumar finds out that he will be a father and destroys the tree of Harold's father-in-law. They search for a new one and get help from Neil Patrick Harris. (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas)

Sunday 25th December: Arthur Claus, Grand-Santa, and an elf named Byrony deliver Gwen Hines' present. (Arthur Christmas)

Sunday 25th December: Aimee celebrates Christmas. (New York City, New York) (New Year's Eve)

Sunday 25th December: Ben Stone gives Pete cookiees made with marijuana. (Los Angeles, California) (This Is 40)

Sunday 25th December: Santa Claus leaves a new Christmas tree in Harold's house. Harold finds out that he has impregnated his wife. He and Kumar smoke weed together later on. (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas)

Monday 26th December: Santa Claus XX can be disturbed. (North Pole) (Arthur Christmas)

Saturday 31st December: People go through various New Year's Eve related situations. (New York City) (New Year's Eve)

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