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October: Lee Harvey Oswald emigrates to Russia. (Russia)


A photo of a Russian spy named Alek is taken. (Russia)


June: A Russian spy named Alek returns to America in Lee Harvey Oswald's place. (America)


Friday 22nd November: Alek assassinates US President John F Kennedy. (Dallas, Texas)


In a gymnasium, a Soviet Olympic westler named Sash Fyorodovich Chenkov meets for the first time the only female chess grand master at the time, Anja Nurekyova. Within a month, they are married. (Grozny, Russia)


Fyorodovich Chenkov and Anja Nurekyova have a child. One month later, the child is back in the hospital because it has a fever. The child dies days later. The real Chenkov baby is alive and becomes the property of another man who plans who destroy America. (Russia)


Saturday 24th December: Agents are killed in a car accident.

Saturday 24th December: Evelyn Salt's parents are killed in a car accident.


Oleg Vassilyevich Orlov is on Victor Barisovsky's staff. (Novosibirsk Oblast, Siberia)


Thursday 23rd March: Evelyn Salt's guardian dies.


The Vice President of the US dies. CIA agent Evelyn Salt is named as a Russian spy in a plot to kill the current Soviet Premiere.

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