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Penelope "Penny" Lockhart is born.


An anchorman starts working for CGS.


Penny starts getting Dodge's mail by mistake. (New York, New York)


March: Penny does not see James Speck for the next twelve months. (New Jersey)


Sunday 12th February: Linda Petersen's medicine expires. (New York, New York)

Wednesday 22nd February: A radio broadcast reveals that the attempt to destroy the asteroid Matilda failed. Linda leaves her husband Dodge Petersen. (New York, New York)

Thursday 23rd February: Elsa cleans Dodge's apartment. (New York, New York)

Friday 24th February: Dodge wakes up with spider bites on his face. On his way to work, a suicidal man lands on his car. (New York, New York)

Thursday 1st March: Dodge attends a party with Warren and Diane. Diane kisses Dodge. Dodge later meets Penny, who falls asleep in his apartment. (New York, New York)

Friday 2nd March: Penny awakens and goes back to her place. Dodge drinks and passes out in the park. (New York, New York)

Saturday 3rd March: Dodge awakens in the park with a dog tied to him. When a riot takes place, he warns Penny and Owen, and the four of them run off. Owen is left behind. (New York, New York)

Sunday 4th March: Dodge and Penny get a ride from a trucker who hires an assassin to have himself killed. Dodge and Penny bury him and go to Friendsy's. The two of them have sex at night and later get arrested. (New Jersey)

Monday 5th March: Dodge and Penny meet with Penny's ex-boyfriend Lance Corporal James Speck.

Tuesday 6th March: Dodge and Penny meet with Dodge's father, Frank, and bond. When Penny falls asleep, Dodge puts her in the plane which his father pilots. (Somerset, New Jersey)

Thursday 8th March: Dodge returns home and sees that Elsa is still cleaning his apartment. (New York, New York)

Saturday 10th March: Dodge watches the final CGS news broadcast, which reveals that Matilda will be arriving earlier than expected. Penny returns. (New York, New York)

Sunday 11th March: Dodge and Penny die in bed together as the asteroid Matilda kills everyone on Earth. (New York, New York)

Thursday 15th March: The original prediction for the end of the world.

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