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Dan Sanders begins testing the I-13 compound on 30 apes at Genetic Primate Research Center.


Tuesday 15th May: The police discover Charlie Sheen's corpse and arrest Lindsay Lohan.

Wednesday 23rd May: Charlie Sheen's corpse stops partying.


Thursday 7th March: Jody and Dan Sanders move into a new house with Charlie Sheen's kids.

Friday 8th March: Jody goes to the Swan Lake auditions.

Saturday 9th March: Jody tells Dan that she senses something wrong with their house.

Sunday 10th March: Jody is chosen to be the swan queen.

Monday 11th March: Jody decides to call Professional psychic Blaine Fulda.

Tuesday 12th March: A car explodes in front of the Sanders' house.

Wednesday 13th March: Jody hears noises at night. Dan fires Maria and fights with her. Apes escape from Genetic Primate Research Center. Jody meets Kathy's mom during inception.

Thursday 14th March: Kendra denies having slept with Jody. They go to a cabin in the woods and find the Book of the Dead.

Friday 15th March: Caesar the ape is kicked out of the house. Jody saves the children from their dead mother.

Saturday 23rd November: The National Ballet Center presents The Nutcracker starting on this date.


Friday 10th January: The National Ballet Center presents The Nutcracker for the last time on this date.

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