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Movie events on the 4th August


Uesugi marches from Kasuga Castle with an army of 13,000 men destined for Kawanakajima. (Kawanakajima, Japan) (Samurai Banners)


George Washington becomes a Master Mason, the highest basic rank in the secret fraternity of Freemasonry. (Fredericksburg, Virginia) (National Treasure)


British General John Burgoyne dies. (United Kingdom) (The Devil's Disciple)


Ret. Union Major Jeff Clanton is recognized by the proprietor of the Cherokee Springs Trading Post from his wanted poster and is forced to shoot his way out; he flees with the Fowler Detective Agency hot on his trail. (Cherokee Springs, Missouri) (Best of the Badmen)


Rosie gets married. (Richfield, New Jersey) (The Wedding Singer)


Anne Frank captured. (Amsterdam) (The Diary of Anne Frank)


Rikki Coleman is born. (New Orleans, Louisianna) (Runaway Jury)


Deke DaSilva is drafted into the army and volunteers for airborne school. (New York City, New York) (Nighthawks)


The police visit Arthur Leigh Allen in connection with the Zodiac killings. (Zodiac)


Dictator Idi Amin gives Uganda's 50,000 Asians 90 days to leave the country thanks to a dream. (Uganda) (The Last King of Scotland)


Dr. Robert Neville watches Woodstock at a movie theater and shoots a few mutants from "The Family". (Los Angeles, California) (The Omega Man)

James Bond and Anya Amasova escape from Jaws. (The Spy Who Loved Me)


Donna Sheridan spends the night with Bill Anderson, potentially conceiving her daughter, Sophie (Kalokairi) (Mamma Mia!)


Martin Asher meets Matt and plans to kill him later on by pushing him in front of a moving car so that he can take his identity. (St. Jovite, Canada) (Taking Lives)


Julia goes to Robbie's house and Linda answers the door. Robbie doesn't want to be with Linda. Rosie and her husband have their 50th wedding anniversary. Holly tells Robbie that Julia and Glenn are going to Las Vegas to get married. Robbie uses Sammy's credit card to pay for a plane ticket. (Richfield, New Jersey) (The Wedding Singer)

Robbie tells Billy Idol and other first-class passengers what he's doing. Robbie finds out that Julia is on the same plane and sings a song to her. Glenn is pushed into the bathroom. (On a flight from Richfield to Las Vegas) (The Wedding Singer)

The airplane lands. (Las Vegas) (The Wedding Singer)


Skynet goes online. (The Terminator)


James Bond tries to retrieve $150 million, and Vesper Lynd, from a collapsing house in Venice. (Venice) (Casino Royale)


On the day of her wedding to Henry Mills, Kate is crushed by an ice sculpture. (Over Her Dead Body)


Rick speaks to Leigh at the coffee shop. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)


Amy returns home covered in blood and claims that she fought Desi in self defense. (Missouri) (Gone Girl)


A video of a Slender Man sighting is uploaded to the internet (Glyndon, Minnesota) (Slender Man)


Dr. Aaron Connors receives an award. He and Amy get into an argument that deprives him of sleep. (New York City) (Trainwreck)

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