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Sunday 17th March: Macgruber is born according to his passport. (Kotelnich, Russia)

Wednesday 24th April: Casey Janine Fitzpatrick is born. (Pueblo, Colorado USA)


Sunday 4th July: Casey Janine Fitzpatrick dies. (Pueblo, Colorado USA)


Saturday 26th May: Macgruber's passport is issued.


Sunday 24th August: Macgruber's passport is issued.


September: Macgruber forms a team and searches for Cunth.

Sunday 19th September: Macgruber has sex with Vicki and then with Casey's ghost.

Monday 20th September: Macgruber foils Cunth's plan and saves the world.


March: Macgruber and Vicki get married, but not without being interrupted by Cunth, who is killed by Macgruber.

Thursday 26th May: Macgruber's passport expires.


Saturday 24th August: Macgruber's passport expires.

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