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The year on a Boston Police uniform. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Future police officer Arthur Shea is born. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Future police officer Marty MacGuire is born. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Irish Boxing Pub is established.


Thomas "Mickey" Macray begins serving the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. (Boston, Massachusetts)

Friday 19th May: Claire Keesey is born. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Monday 19th May: According to a typo on the FBI document saying Claire Keesey is 30, this is when she is born. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Desmond Elden is born. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Thursday 14th May: Thomas "Mickey" Macray is given an award for 20 years of service to the MBTA. (Boston, Massachusetts)

Wednesday 21st October: Stephen Macray is arrested for hijacking a bread truck to Nashua, New Hampshire. (Massachusetts)


Saturday 21st October: James Coughlin is arrested for shooting Brendan Leahy at the cemetery behind Mishawum. (Boston, Massachusetts)


January: Claire becomes manager of her bank. (Boston, MA)

January: Claire Keesey begins working at a bank. (Boston, Massachusetts)

Monday 16th June: Doug MacRay and his friends rob the bank in which Claire Keesey works. (Boston, MA)


Friday 23rd November: Atlantic Armored is robbed. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Wednesday 12th March: Desmond Elden gets his Vericom picture taken. (Boston, Massachusetts)

Thursday 17th July: Bank Boston is robbed. (Boston, Massachusetts)

November: Krista Coughlin gives birth to a daughter named Shyne. (Boston, Massachusetts)


James Coughlin is released from prison. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Wednesday 16th June: Three men wearing skellator masks rob a bank and take a teller hostage. (Charlestown, Massachusetts)

Friday 27th August: A robbery goes awry and the gang barely escapes. (North End, Boston, Massachusetts)

September: A robbery goes wrong and Doug MacRay escapes. He plans to live in Tangerine, Florida. (Boston, Massachusetts)

October: A license plate expires. (Boston, Massachusetts)


September: According to a typo on an FBI document, this is when Claire Keesey witnessed the 6/16/10 robbery. (Boston, Massachusetts)


The year Stephen Macray is to be released from prison. (Boston, Massachusetts)

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