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Movie events on the 4th July


Second Continental Congress formally adopts Declaration of Independence. (1776)

Declaration of Independence is signed. (Philadelphia, PA) (1776)

Declaration of Independence. (Vertigo)


The Louisiana Purchase, which would include Kansas. (Kansas) (Man of Steel)


James Monroe dies of a heart failure. (New York) (The Monroe Doctrine)


Jonah Hex defeats Quentin Turnbull, stopping Turnbull's plan to destroy Washington D.C. (Washington D.C.) (Jonah Hex)

At the Centennial Rifle Shoot, judged by Wyatt Earp, Lin McAdam wins a Winchester rifle after shooting a hole through a postage stamp affixed to a coin-sized trinket while in mid air; loser Dutch Henry Brown ambushes Lin and steals the rifle. (Dodge City, Kansas) (Winchester '73)


Little Bill Daggett beats up and arrests English Bob for carrying concealed firearms. (Big Whisky, WY) (Unforgiven)


Doc Brown knocked out by one shot of whisky. (Back to the Future Part III)


John Sims, future unemployed insurance accountant, is born to proud parents. (USA) (The Crowd)


Harold Hill arrives to con the townsfolk into buying a boys band. (River City, Iowa) (The Music Man)


Steve Rogers is born. (Captain America: The First Avenger)


Jack Torrance appears in a photograph taken at a ball at the Overlook Hotel. (Colorado) (The Shining)


Edward Wilson's father commits suicide. (The Good Shepherd)

The first regatta on the island happens. (Amity Island) (Jaws)


Ron Kovic is born. (Ladysmith, Wisconsin) (Born on the Fourth of July)


Holly Golightly's mother dies. (Breakfast at Tiffany's)


A couple are killed, supposedly by the Zodiac killer. (Zodiac)


The 50th Annual Regatta is interrupted by a shark. (Amity Island) (Jaws)


Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation, Idaho - Arnold Joseph saves infant Thomas Builds-The-Fire from a burning house. (Smoke Signals)


David Scott Freeman falls from a tree, and seemingly jumps through time. (Flight of the Navigator)


A local street gang eludes rival gangs and police after they are wrongfully accused of murder. (New York, New York) (The Warriors)


An army missile kills everyone in the city. The rain later brings the dead back to life again. (Louisville, Kentucky) (The Return of the Living Dead)


Aliens destroy human cities; humans fight back. (Independence Day)


Ben Willis kills Helen, her sister Elsa, and Barry. He tries killing Julie and Ray but his hand gets caught in a rope and cut off by a pulley. He falls into the ocean and the police arrive. (Southport, North Carolina) (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Julie, Karla, Tyrell, Will, and Ray are hunted by Ben Willis whose weapon of choice is the fishing hook. A tropical storm rages outside causing a power outage on the isolated resort. (The Bahamas) (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)


A rescue team arrives. (Bahamas) (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)

Casey Janine Fitzpatrick dies. (Pueblo, Colorado USA) (MacGruber)


Mason Verger is eaten by boars after being pushed by Dr. Cordell Doemling. Hannibal sedates Clarice Starling and cooks Paul Krendler's brain. Hannibal escapes by using a meat cleaver on his hand-cuffed wrist. (Washington D.C.) (Hannibal)


Henry A. Bellinger sets his house on fire. (Los Angeles, California) (I See You)


Linda Schell and her son Oskar meet construction workers around this time. (New York City) (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close)


PJ Davis is killed accidentally by a group of friends who swear to never speak of it again. (I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer)


The Fisherman kills Zoe, Sheriff Davis, and Deputy Haffner. The Fisherman, who is revealed to be a decomposed Ben Willis, is seemingly killed by Amber and Lance. (I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer)


Amber's car breaks down and she is attacked by The Fisherman. (I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer)

Disgruntled former government employee Thomas Gabriel creates a "fire sale," taking out the country's transportational, financial & utility infrastructure to throw the U.S. into chaos. Looks like a job for John McClane... (Washington, D.C.) (Live Free or Die Hard)


Stu sits in a hotel room in his boxers. (The Big Year)

71 of the 211 cars at Selleck Motors are sold on the first day of 4th of July weekend with the help of Don Ready and his team. (Temecula, California) (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)


Zirkonians try to invade Earth but are stopped by the Pearson family at a vacation house. (Michigan) (Aliens in the Attic)


Rachel and Dex spend time alone and have sex. Darcy has sex with Marcus. (New York City) (Something Borrowed)


A rematch between the two basketball teams who played against each other in 1978 results in the team that lost winning. (New England) (Grown Ups)

Lorenzo gets knocked out by Mr. Washington and Kevin gets his lottery ticket back. (Lottery Ticket)


Duncan sees Trent kissing Joan. Susanna hangs out with Duncan. (Cape Cod, Massachusetts) (The Way Way Back)


The second alien invasion of Earth. (Independence Day: Resurgence)


John Connor killed by a T-850. (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)


Weyland creates new 5.56 millimeter round made of metals mined from the circumstellar habitable zone planets orbiting within Gliese 581 capable of traveling at max velocity in any atmosphere at any range. (Prometheus)


Weyland Industries becomes chief employer of Asian Conflict veterans supplying 35% with steady work. (Prometheus)

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