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Amy Elliott accuses her boyfriend Tommy O'Hara of rape.


Saturday 8th January: Nick Dunne meets Amy Elliott

Monday 10th January: Amy writes in her diary. (Missouri)


Saturday 24th February: Nick Dunne and Amy Elliott get engaged.


Nick and Amy have sex in a library.

Sunday 5th July: Amy writes about her and Nick having sex in the library.


Sunday 18th July: Amy writes a diary entry about how the recession has affected her and Nick.

Thursday 23rd September: Amy writes about her and Nick moving to Missouri since Nick's mother has breast cancer. (Missouri)


January: Nick Dunne begins having an affair with his student Andie Fitzgerald around this time. (Missouri)

Saturday 1st October: Amy thinks that it is time for her and Nick to have a baby, but he disagrees. As she tries to keep him from leaving the house, he pushes her toward the staircase, and she begins to fear him. (Missouri)

Sunday 2nd October: Amy writes about Nick coming undone after his mother's death.


Tuesday 14th February: Amy writes in her diary that she considered buying a gun for Valentine's Day. (Missouri)

April: Nick bumps Amy's life insurance up to $1.2 million. (Missouri)

Tuesday 3rd July: Amy writes about her pregnancy. (Missouri)

Thursday 5th July: Amy Dunne disappears.

Friday 6th July: Nick Dunne holds a press conference concerning the disappearance of his wife Anne.

Saturday 7th July: Shawna Kelly takes a picture of herself with Nick Dunne. This photo gains media attention.

Sunday 8th July: Nick Dunne holds a press conference concerning the disappearance of his wife Anne.

Sunday 8th July: Andie Fitzgerald leaves after having sex with Nick, whose sister Margo confronts him about the affair. That night, a vigil and press conference are held. (Missouri)

Monday 9th July: Nick speaks to attorney Tanner Bolt. (Missouri)

Tuesday 10th July: Tanner Bolt meets with Nick and Margo about Amy's deception. (Missouri)

Wednesday 11th July: Tanner wants Nick to go on live television. Amy leaves Jeff and Greta.

Tuesday 24th July: Amy tells ex-boyfriend Desi Collings that she wants to hide from Nick. He allows her to stay over.

Wednesday 25th July: Nick confesses his unfaithfulness on live television but asserts that he is not a murderer. Amy and Desi watch the broadcast. Detective Rhonda Boney gets an arrest warrant and searches Nick's shed.

Thursday 26th July: Nick is released from jail. Amy decides to kill Desi and frame him.

Saturday 4th August: Amy returns home covered in blood and claims that she fought Desi in self defense. (Missouri)

Sunday 5th August: Nick tells Amy that he knows that she murdered Desi. (Missouri)

Thursday 9th August: Tanner Bolt says that his work with Nick is done.

Saturday 8th September: Amy has been home for five weeks. (Missouri)

Sunday 9th September: Amy tucks Nick in bed.

Sunday 23rd September: Nick argues with Amy, who does not regret what she did for him. They decide to stay together for the sake of the child she impregnated herself with using Nick's semen. (Missouri)

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