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'68 Charger is made.


Ronny Valentine is born. (Chicago, Illinois)

Monday 4th May: Beth's parents Burt and Sue get married. (Chicago, Illinois)


Monday 22nd December: Ronny has a relapse and gambles.


Friday 30th April: Ronny, Beth, Nick, and Geneva have a night out. Ronny tells Nick that they have a meeting with Dodge. (Chicago, Illinois)

Saturday 1st May: Ronny and Nick have a meeting with Dodge in Detroit and plan to present their car. In Chicago, Ronny sees Geneva kissing Zip.

Sunday 2nd May: Ronny, Beth, Nick, and Geneva go to a hockey game. (Chicago, Illinois)

Monday 3rd May: Ronny tells Geneva that if she does not tell Nick about her affair then he will. (Chicago, Illinois)

Tuesday 4th May: Ronny buys equipment to spy on Geneva and Zip. Susan Warner informs him that the Chevrolet meeting is in three days. (Chicago, Illinois)

Wednesday 5th May: Zip uses Ronny's camera to take a photo of his middle finger and the fish tank that Ronny broke. (Chicago, Illinois)

Thursday 6th May: During an intervention, Ronny tells Nick that Geneva had an affair and that he slept with her in college. Ronny later proposes to Beth. (Chicago, Illinois)

Friday 7th May: Nick punches Ronny twice and they succeed in the Chevrolet meeting. (Detroit, Michigan)


2011 Dodge Charger designed by Ronny and Nick is made.

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