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Water Wizz waterpark opens in summer. (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)


Duncan is born. (Albany, New York)


Caitlyn starts working at Water Wizz. (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)


October: Betty's niece is raped in a food court.

Monday 31st October: Pam meets Trent at a Halloween party. (Albany, New York)


June: Duncan reluctantly goes on summer vacation to a beach house his mother Pam, her boyfriend Trent and Trent's daughter Steph. He gets a job at Water Wizz. (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

July: Duncan passes Owen on the waterslide. (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

Wednesday 4th July: Duncan sees Trent kissing Joan. Susanna hangs out with Duncan. (Cape Cod, Massachusetts)

November: License plate 42Q-W69 expires. (Massachusetts)

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