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Martin Sylvester Huggins is born. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)


Camden Brady writes a story called Rainbow Land.

Cal Tjader wins a Grammy.


Kids such as Cam Brady call Marty Huggins "Tickle Shit" because he shits when he is tickled.


Cam Brady runs for class president in fifth grade and takes down the jungle gym. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)


Marty Huggins' big brother pranks him by tells him that he has to masturbate with his feet.


Toss Perot is a Presidential Candidate in this year according to this film.


According to Mitzi, this is the year in which she married Marty Huggins. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)


Wednesday 23rd October: At 2:11 P.M., Martin Huggins farts in a very crowded elevator and blames it on a war veteran.


Marty Huggins meets his future wife Mitzi. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)

Marty Huggins meets his future wife Mitzi. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)


Tuesday 11th September: One of Brady's future ads will question where Huggins was on this day.


Mitch Wilson starts working with Cam Brady.


Monday 31st October: Martin Huggins attends a Halloween party dressed as Lady Gaga.

Tuesday 1st November: Martin Huggins is still dressed up as Lady Gaga.

Wednesday 2nd November: Martin Huggins' last day dressed as Lady Gaga.


Sunday 29th July: Cam Brady's Job Approval Poll increases.

Sunday 5th August: Cam Brady makes inspirational speeches as his Job Approval Poll increases.

Sunday 12th August: Cam Brady's Job Approval Poll increases.

Sunday 19th August: Cam Brady's Job Approval Poll is 62% before he makes an inappropriate phone call.

Sunday 26th August: Cam Brady's Job Approval Poll is 46%.

Tuesday 18th September: At the Pine Crest Country Club, Cam Brady presents embarrassing photos chronicling Marty Huggins' life. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)

Tuesday 2nd October: Marty Huggins wins in the Congressional Debate against Cam Brady, who accidentally punches a baby.

Wednesday 3rd October: News channels cover the story of Brady punching a baby. Brady's team makes new ads for him.

Tuesday 9th October: Another debate takes place, with Huggins coming out on top again.

Friday 19th October: Congressman Cam Brady steals the car of the policeman that pulls him over for driving drunk. Brady then crashes the car into a cow. Political opponent Marty Huggins notified the police of Brady driving drunk after he finished drinking at his home. (Hammond, North Carolina )

Saturday 20th October: Mitch Wilson picks up Cam Brady from the police station. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)

Tuesday 23rd October: Huggins reads Brady's story of Rainbow Land, which angers the audience.

Saturday 27th October: Marty Huggins offers to be a father figure to Cam Brady's son. This is filmed for a campaign ad. (Pine Crest, North Carolina)

Tuesday 6th November: Marty Huggins tells the truth on Election Day.

Tuesday 6th November: Marty Huggins tells the truth on Election Day.

Wednesday 7th November: Cam Brady wins by 10,000 votes but ultimately lets Marty Huggins win and become congressman.


May: Congressman Scott Talley tenders his resignation over allegations of using federal funds to purchase his mistress's fake breasts. The Motch brothers are called to a hearing for their association with international fugitive Toim Wattley.

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