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Movie events on the 24th July


Mary, Queen of Scots deposed. (Lochleven Castle, Scotland) (Mary, Queen of Scots)


Martin Van Buren dies of heart failure. (Kinderhook, New York) (Amistad)


Francis Ouimet tries to enter the Chicago Golf Club. (The Greatest Game Ever Played)


Artie Shaw records "Begin the Beguine". (New York) (Second Chorus)


Gertrude Steiney is born. (Jersey Girl)


Story in the New York Times published about calls to the GOP offices linked to Watergate. (All the President's Men)


Wesley Allan Gibson is born. (Chicago, Illinois) (Wanted)


Donny Berger appears on the cover of US magazine again. (That's My Boy)


In the director's cut, this is when Matt Murdock meets up with Elektra Natchios at the Black and White Ball at the Grand Hotel. Bullseye kills her father, Nikolas Natchios. Elektra believes Daredevil is responsible. (New York City) (Daredevil)

Judgement Day. Again. Or not. (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)


Trudy is kidnapped by a gang of white supremacist to force Ricco and Sonny to change where they drop off a shipment of cocaine. (Miami, Florida) (Miami Vice)


Machete is double-crossed by one of Booth's henchmen when he tries to kill McLaughlin. Machete is taken to a hospital. He is picked up by Luz and meets Sartana Rivera. He also speaks to his brother, a priest known as Padre. (Mexico) (Machete)


Rick meets Leigh at a coffee shop. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)


Amy tells ex-boyfriend Desi Collings that she wants to hide from Nick. He allows her to stay over. (Gone Girl)

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