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Movie events on the 1st July


Sheriff Wade Hatten with the help of the merchants of Dodge City enact new laws prohibitting gambling after 2am and the carrying of a gun north of Front Street. (Dodge City, Kansas) (Dodge City)


"The Voice of Terror" is heard. (England) (Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror)


The Battle of El Alamein begins. (North Africa) (The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel)


Michael Brody's birthday. (Amity Island) (Jaws)


Winnie tells Pee-wee that she has been the happiest she has ever been since they broke up. (Big Top Pee-Wee)


ATF Agent Ray Nicolet records the trial run for the money exchange for Ordell Robbie on his digital audio recorder at 3:07pm. (LAX Airport Parking Structure Row F Structure D) (Jackie Brown)


Karla gets a phone call from a radio station and wins a trip to the Bahamas. (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)


Bob Taylor's entry date. (Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)


Day 154: Tom knows he's in love with Summer. (500 Days of Summer)

Amber Williams leaves flowers on PJ's grave. At night, she receives 50 text messages saying "I know what you did last summer." (I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer)


After their coach's funeral, Lenny, Eric, Kurt, Rob, and Marcus bring family members to a lake house. (New England) (Grown Ups)

Kevin tries talking to Nikki Swayze but gets turned down. (Lottery Ticket)


John Bennett tries winning back Lori Collins at a Norah Jones concert. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Ted)

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