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November: Costa is born around this time if what he told the cops was true. (North Pasadena, California)


Friday 13th May: Thomas Kubs is born. (North Pasadena, California)


Boys who later attend Thomas Kubs' party as freshmen are born. (North Pasadena, California)


Friday 13th May: At least 1,500 people attend Thomas Kubs' 17th birthday party. (North Pasadena, California)

Saturday 14th May: T-Rick arrives at the party with his flamethrower in an attempt to reclaim his gnome. He survives an explosion and the police arrive. (North Pasadena, California)

Sunday 15th May: Thomas' parents return and intend to use his college fund to pay for all the damages. (North Pasadena, California)

Monday 16th May: Thomas apologizes to Kirby at school. (North Pasadena, California)

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