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Movie events on the 4th May


Gulliver departs on his travels (Bristol) (Gulliver's Travels)


Arthur Lestrange, his son Richard Lestrange and niece Emmeline Lestrange set sail from Boston for San Francisco on the Northumberland; a shipwreck in the South Pacific will maroon the children, aged 8, on a beautiful island and Arthur will spend years searching for them. (Boston, Massachussetts) (The Blue Lagoon)


Mrs Clive Candy hosts an "at home" party. (72 Penang Road, Shanghai, China) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)


The Piscine des Tourelles is inaugurated. (Paris, France) (Life of Pi)


Beth's parents Burt and Sue get married. (Chicago, Illinois) (The Dilemma)


Spider-Man 3 is released. (Knocked Up)


Pepper changes Tony Stark's new electronic 'heart'. He confesses to her that he has no one else but her. (USA) (Iron Man)


Ronny buys equipment to spy on Geneva and Zip. Susan Warner informs him that the Chevrolet meeting is in three days. (Chicago, Illinois) (The Dilemma)


The date that appeared on Johnny English's cell phone on the day that he had dinner with Simon. (Johnny English Reborn)

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