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Movie events on the 25th December


Brian of Nazareth is born nearby Jesus Christ. (Bethlehem) (Monty Python's Life of Brian)


William the Conqueror is crowned king of England. (Johnny English Reborn)


Henry II's entire family plots against him taking a new wife and thus disinheriting his sons, but both his and his family's plots fail, leaving all at status quo. (Chinon (but historically inaccurate)) (The Lion in Winter)


Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons of Norwich is knighted by King Edward III. (Norwich, England) (The Knight Before Christmas)


After spending a week in 2019, Sir Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons returns home, though only briefly. (Norwich, England) (The Knight Before Christmas)


Santa Claus XVI gives every child on Earth a sausage nailed to a piece of bark. (Arthur Christmas)


Ebeneezer Scrooge changes his ways and finally gives a pay-raise to his employee Bob Cratchit. (London) (A Christmas Carol)


Cab Calloway is born. (Rochester, New York) (The Cotton Club)


King George V delivers the first Royal Christmas Message over the radio and bullies his son Albert, the Duke York. (London, England) (The King's Speech)


King George VI delivers the Royal Christmas Message over the radio with friend and teacher Lionel Logue helping through every moment. (London, England) (The King's Speech)


Ralphie Parker gets a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas and doesn't shoot his eye out. (Hammond, Indiana) (A Christmas Story)

An unidentified European power declares war on England and launches an air raid against military facilities outside of the city of Everytown. (Everytown, England) (Things To Come)

An unidentified European power declares war on England and launches an air raid against key military targets outside of Everytown, England. (Everytown, England) (Things To Come)


C.C. Baxter goes to the zoo, takes a walk, and comes back to his apartment to clean up after his boss, who had thrown an eggnog party there the night before. (New York City) (The Apartment)


C.C. Baxter has a guest at Christmas. (New York City) (The Apartment)

Dawn Davenport runs away from home after not receiving cha-cha heel shoes for Christmas and is impregnated by Earl Peterson. (Baltimore, Maryland) (Female Trouble)


Zachary Beaulieu born. (Quebec) (C.R.A.Z.Y.)


Tony ‘Lip’ Vallelonga and Dr Don Shirley arrive home from their tour of the Deep South in time for Christmas. (New York ) (Green Book)


"Young" Carl's mother Charlotte visits the Radio Rock ship for Christmas. (North Sea, off the coast of Great Britain) (The Boat That Rocked)


Clyde Northcutt doesn't receive a Superman cape from Santa for Christmas. (Fred Claus)


Michael J. Lander receives a photo of his wife Margaret and their kids. He wonders who took the picture. (Black Sunday)


Grey remains in orbit aboard the Freedom Command module while Walker and Anderson land on the moon in the lunar module Liberty. While planting one of the detectors, the pair take moon rock samples. After returning to Liberty, the pair hear noises outside and a camera captures a small rock moving nearby. Houston claims the noises are interference from the ICBM detectors. Anderson finds a rock sample on the floor of Liberty despite having secured the samples. During further lunar exploration they discover footprints that lead them to a bloodstained, functioning Soviet LK lander, and a dead cosmonaut in a nearby crater. Walker queries Houston about the Soviet presence but is told only to continue with the mission. (Apollo 18)


Charlie Chaplin dies. (Vevey, Switzerland) (Chaplin)


Christmas is saved. (Arthur Christmas)

Jim Williams' lavish Christmas Party, where he murders his hotheaded ex-lover Billy. (Savannah, GA) (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)

Rocky Balboa defeats Ivan Drago, who was already killed Apollo Creed, in an exhibition boxing match. (Soviet Union) (Rocky IV)


Brian Jackson has Christmas lunch with his mother Julie and her new boyfriend, ice cream seller Des. (Southend, Essex) (Starter for Ten)

John Bennett receives a teddy bear and wishes for him to be alive. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Ted)


The Balboas have a good time on Christmas. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Rocky V)


Maureen Johnson protests at losing her performance space. (East Village, New York City, New York) (Rent)

Tommy Gunn tells Rocky that he doesn't want to work with him anymore. Rocky reconciles with his son. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Rocky V)


Kevin McAllister's mother returns home to her son, who has been left home alone for two days. (Chicago) (Home Alone)


Billy Lenz is sent to a mental asylum. (Black Christmas)

Harry Potter receives his father's Invisibility Cloak as a Christmas present. (Hogwarts) (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

Mikhail Gorbachev announces that the Cold War is over and Yuri is elated, because now he can ransack the weapons of the former Soviet Union to sell overseas. (Manhattan, New York City) (Lord of War)


Jenna O'Connor drops off the 9-day-old Cody at Maggie's house. Maggie is Jenna's older sister. (USA) (Bless the Child)


140lb+2 mince pies... Bridget Jones's parents reunite; Mark Darcy announces his engagement to Natasha Glenville. (Bridget Jones's Diary)

Chuck Noland's FedEx cargo plane crashes, stranding him on an island for four years. (South Pacific Ocean) (Cast Away)


Carter spreads a rumour about sleeping with Detective Tania Johnson. His mom gives his cousin Luke a suit as a Christmas present. (Los Angeles, CA) (Rush Hour)


Matt Flamhaff sees Jenna Rink through a frosted window. (New York City) (13 Going On 30)


Jenna Rink does not spend Christmas with her family. (13 Going On 30)


Survivors Kelly Presley and Leigh Colvin are taken to a hospital. Agnes stabs Leigh in the neck, killing her. Kelly kills Agnes with a defibrillator and pushes Billy downstairs, where he is impaled on the tip of a Christmas tree. (Black Christmas)

Jerry sees Ethan for the last time. (USA) (Eagle Eye)

Teacher Sheba Hart tries and fails to end her affair with 15 year-old pupil Steven Connolly. (Islington, London) (Notes on a Scandal)


Fred helps Santa by delivering presents around the world. (Worldwide) (Fred Claus)


Kate and Brad visit their four parents, all divorced, and go through four traumatic and yet somehow unfunny Christmases. (California) (Four Christmases)

Nancy and Robert announce that they are getting a divorce. (Sacramento, CA) (Step Brothers)


Elizabeth discovers that the liquor store is closed. She is invited to her student Sash Abernathy's house for dinner. Amy Squirrel also attends. (Chicago, Illinois) (Bad Teacher)

Dale and Brennan's parents give them the boat as a treehouse, pirrate hats, cross-bows, Hustlers, and Chewbacca masks. (Sacramento, CA) (Step Brothers)


Jill goes on a bad date. (Los Angeles, California) (Jack and Jill)

The Byrnes' and the Fockers spend Christmas with each other. (Little Fockers)


Arthur Claus, Grand-Santa, and an elf named Byrony deliver Gwen Hines' present. (Arthur Christmas)

Aimee celebrates Christmas. (New York City, New York) (New Year's Eve)

Ben Stone gives Pete cookiees made with marijuana. (Los Angeles, California) (This Is 40)

Santa Claus leaves a new Christmas tree in Harold's house. Harold finds out that he has impregnated his wife. He and Kumar smoke weed together later on. (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas)


Arthur Claus is the new Santa Claus. (Arthur Christmas)

Pepper Potts gets treatment to cure her from side-effects of the Extremis experiment. Tony Stark gets the shrapnel in his chest removed. (Iron Man 3)

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