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Steve Stifler ruins Jim Levenstein's Bar Mitzvah. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

Thursday 7th April: Kara is born. (East Great Falls, Michigan)


Noah Levenstein's wife dies.


Evan Levenstein is born.


Thursday 7th April: Kara promises AJ that she will have sex with him on her 18th birthday. (East Great Falls, Michigan)


Sunday 11th March: A man named Carlos M. posts a comment on the Class of '99 Reunion Facebook page.

Sunday 25th March: Jessica Jackson posts a comment on the Class of '99 Reunion Facebook page.

Monday 26th March: Michael Reed posts a comment on the Class of '99 Facebook page.

Thursday 29th March: Kevin Meyers posts a comment on the Class of '99 Reunion Facebook page saying that he will be there.

Sunday 1st April: Samantha posts a comment on the Class of '99 Reunion Facebook page asking about Todd Ellis, who replies.

Thursday 5th April: Jim Levenstein tries masturbating to a porn site, but his son Evan interrupts him. Jim sees his wife Michelle using a showerhead to masturbate in the bathtub.

Friday 6th April: Jim, Michelle, and Evan arrive at Jim's dad's house. Jim meets up with Kevin Meyers, Chris Ostreiker, and Paul Finch at a bar where they meet Selena Vega and bump into Steve Stifler. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

Saturday 7th April: Kara gets drunk during her 18th birthday party at the beach and tries to have sex with Jim. Jim tries sneaking her into her house without her parents noticing. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

Sunday 8th April: AJ sees Kara trying to sleep with Jim at Stifler's party and starts a fight that results in Finch getting arrested for stealing his boss' motorcycle. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

Monday 9th April: Class of '99 reunion. Jessica arrives with her girlfriend. Kevin introduces Vicky Lathum to his wife Ellie. Oz ends up with Heather. Jim and Michelle have sex in a room full of instruments, where they are seen by Nadia and her boyfriend. Finch ends up with Selena. Stifler sets up divorced Chuck Sherman with Loni Lipstein and has sex with Finch's mom Rachel while John and Justin shout "MILF!" (East Great Falls, Michigan)

Tuesday 10th April: Jim resolves the issues between him and Kara and hangs out with his friends at Dog Years. Stifler's mom gives Jim's dad a blowjob at a movie theater. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

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