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Movie events on the 1st May


William "Billy" Butcherson dies. (Salem, Massachusetts) (Hocus Pocus)


Calamity Jane is born. (Princeton, Missouri) (Calamity Jane)


Django and Schultz meet Calvin Candie at a club. (Greenville, Mississippi) (Django Unchained)


John Phillip Sousa's band debuts on Opening Day at the World's Fair in Chicago. (Chicago, Illinois) (Stars and Stripes Forever)


Doris Florence Binns is born. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)


Inge Betzler born. (Germany) (Jojo Rabbit)


Ritter & Company, under new president James Duneen, moves to larger, more prestigious offices on the 63rd floor of the new Caledonia Building. (New York City, New York) (Behind Office Doors)

Herbert Hoover dedicates the Empire State Building. (New York) (The Day the Bubble Burst)


Albert Hirsch is born. (The Bourne Ultimatum)


A Grand Jury Inquiry commences for four of eighteen accused Nazi spies: Kurt Schneider, a two-time army deserter; Werner Renz, a private in the US Air Corps; Hilda Kleinhauer, a former beauty operator on the steamship Bismarck; and Max Helldorf, a technician at the Zenith Munitions Corporation of New Jersey. Things look up for the accused when the prosecution's star witness Johann Westphal, an airplane draftsman with Emerson Aircraft Co., disappears on the eve of the inquiry. (New York, New York) (Confessions of a Nazi Spy)


Mark Whitacre is born. (Morrow, Ohio) (The Informant!)


American U-2 spy plane shot down. (Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident)


William Sean Carmichael is born. (Ottawa, Canada) (Unknown)


Discovering that his plane has been sabotaged and is unable to take off, Howie elects to search the island for Rowan himself ahead of the impending May Day parade. Howie ties up the innkeeper and assumes his place as Punch, a principal character of the May Day festival. (Sunmerisle, UK) (The Wicker Man)


A student writes advice in the book about how basic flattery is the easiest way to get into a girl's pants. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Pie Presents: The Book of Love)


Angus & Laura's wedding at St John's Church, where Charles meets Carrie. (Stoke Clandon, Somerset) (Four Weddings and a Funeral)


Aron Ralston amputates his arm and gets out of the narrow passage. He finds hikers who help him. (Blue John Canyon, Utah) (127 Hours)


Unable to find Negative 25 for the final issue of Life magazine, Walter Mitty leaves New York to Greenland in search of Sean O'Connell. (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)


Local journalist Tim Messinger is killed by a fallen church spire. (Sandford, Gloucestershire) (Hot Fuzz)


Linda Litzke and Chad Feldheimer attempt to broker a deal to sell a CD with what they think is government information to the Russians. (Virginia) (Burn After Reading)


Ronny and Nick have a meeting with Dodge in Detroit and plan to present their car. In Chicago, Ronny sees Geneva kissing Zip. (The Dilemma)


Osama Bin Laden is shot and killed by a member of Seal Team 6. (Pakistan) (Planet Terror)

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