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Movie events on the 1st June


Asano Naganori of Ako, enraged by continued derogatory comments, attacks and injures Kiro Yoshinaka, the corrupt Kozuke-no-suke of Tokugawa Tsunayoshi's shogunate; since violence of any kind is forbidden within the walls of Edo Castle, Asano is sentenced to commit seppuku that same day. (Edo Castle, Japan) (The 47 Ronin)


Benedict Arnold is court-martialled. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor)


Samuel Taylor Coleridge begins to publish The Friend. (Rime of the Ancient Mariner)


John Wesley Hardin arrives in Abilene. (Abilene, Kansas) (Dirty Dingus Magee)


Future President Hoover caught in Boxer Rebellion. (China) (The Day the Bubble Burst)


Adolph Zukor creates the Famous Players Film Company. (Will There Really Be a Morning?)


Robbie Turner dies of septicemia when nearly evacuating Dunkirk. (Atonement)


Helen Keller dies. (Westport, Connecticut) (The Miracle Worker)


Leslie Vernon is born on or around this date. (Glen Echo, Oregon) (Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon)


An alien ship stops above the city. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (District 9)


The Catholic religion's new multi-million dollar advertising blitz is launched, dubbed "Catholicism, WOW!" (New Jersey) (Dogma)

Gertrude dies after giving birth to her and Ollie's daughter Gertie. (New York City) (Jersey Girl)


Jason Bourne is inducted into the CIA. (The Bourne Ultimatum)


New Stallyns' Album #1 (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)

London Daily Sentinel Headline: Wyld Stallyns to play Wembley Stadium (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)

The Ultimate Guide to Surfing by Jay Moriarty is published. (Chasing Mavericks)

Leticia Musgrove visits her husband on Death Row at the Georgia State Penitentary. (Atlanta, Georgia) (Monster's Ball)

A newspaper article titled "HITHHIKER REMAINS FOUND ROUTE 9" is published. (Offspring)

Jack Freeman is born. (Detroit, Michigan) (RoboCop)

Jack Freeman is born. (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) (RoboCop)


A date marked on Costa's calendar. (Taking Lives)


A date in Sean Fentress' planner. (Source Code)


Scientists from the Health Division identify the genetic chain of events for 98% of cancers. Using genetically-altered cells as well as elements found beyond Earth (Prometheus)


Billboard headline: Wyld Stallyns' Album #1. London Daily Sentinel headline: Wyld Stallyns to play Wembley Stadium. (It says Saturday on the newspaper. Guess even people in the future make typos.) (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)

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