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Movie events on the 25th November


A police officer is found dead. Holmes believes that he was killed by Professor Moriarty, who took a component from the chemical weapon the previous day. (London, England) (Sherlock Holmes)


Maria Minerva Argentina Mirabal, Patria Mercedes Mirabal, and Maria Teresa Mirabal are assassinated by henchmen of dictator Rafael Trujillo. (Dominican Republic) (Rains of Injustice)


Richard M. Nixon calls for a Sunday ban on the sale of gasoline to consumers. (Nixon)

Richard M. Nixon calls for a Sunday ban on the sale of gasoline to consumers. (Nixon)


Rocky has a boxing match with someone at the gym. (Rocky)


Rocky Balboa knocks out Apollo Creed in the 15th round in their rematch. (Philadelphia, PA) (Rocky II)


Thanksgiving Day: Rebecca discovers Crawl & Tracy asleep in the barn together. They later discover that Travis & Theo drugged them both & left them there. Happy endings abound! (South Dakota) (Son in Law)


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss meet Mark Zuckerberg in the dining hall of Kirkland House. (Cambridge, Massachusetts) (The Social Network)


Dr. Donald J. Blake's ID is issued. (New York) (Thor)


Ian McCandless transfers his mind into Alex Furlong's body... or not. (New York City) (Freejack)


Gwen sends out a letter to Santa Claus asking how he is able to do his job. (Trelew, Cornwall, England) (Arthur Christmas)

Martin Harris' scheduled meeting with Professor Bressler. (Berlin, Germany) (Unknown)


A website called The Bent Bullet publishes an article and posts a video about the JFK assassination. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)


Dr. Donald J. Blake's ID expires. (New York) (Thor)


A video of a Slender Man sighting is uploaded to the internet (Vail, Colorado) (Slender Man)


Taylor, Dodge, and Landon awaken from hibernation and discover Stewart's decayed corpse. Liberty 1 sinks in the water. They get out and begin looking for civilization. (Forbidden Zone) (Planet of the Apes)

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