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Lottery Ticket quotes

Lottery Ticket - timeline

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Jerome "Thump" Washington doesn't leave his house for the next 22 years.


Kevin Carson is born.


Kevin starts talking about opening a shoe store.


Kevin and Benny become friends.


June: Kevin Carson graduates from high school.

Friday 1st July: Kevin tries talking to Nikki Swayze but gets turned down.

Saturday 2nd July: Kevin Carson finds out that he won the lottery but has to wait 3 days to get the money.

Sunday 3rd July: Kevin almost has sex with Stacey and gets knocked out by Lorenzo, who steals his lottery ticket.

Monday 4th July: Lorenzo gets knocked out by Mr. Washington and Kevin gets his lottery ticket back.

Tuesday 5th July: Kevin gets the money.

October: Kevin announces that his company will give back to the community and Mr. Washington is head of security.

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