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Movie events on the 13th February


Earl Malcolm Spellman is born. (Chicago, Illinois) (Wanted)


Selina Kyle is arrested for breaking and entering. (Detroit, Michigan) (The Dark Knight Rises)

Stan and Patrick erase Clem from Joel's mind as he sleeps. (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)


Kenny Bostick and Stu Preissler spot Xantus's Hummingbird in an elderly woman's backyard, their 159th and 158th bird species spotted respectively. (Gibsons, British Columbia) (The Big Year)


The Hotel for Dogs was open. (Central City) (Hotel for Dogs)

Julia Fitzpatrick spends the night with Dr. Harrison Copeland, and Liz Curran spends the night with Jason Morris. (Los Angeles, California) (Valentine's Day)


Marybeth Dunston takes Amanda's advice to deliver the ashes of Thomas Crowley, which had been in the possession of his nephew Abbott McMullen, to his son Victor Crowley. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

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