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Movie events on the 9th April


General Ulysses S Grant surrendered to General Robert E Lee. (just outside Washington D.C.) (C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America)


Col. Ben Cameron "The Little Colonel" is released from a Northern hospital and returns to South Carolina. (Northern USA) (The Birth of a Nation)

General Robert E. Lee C.S.A. surrenders to General Ulysses S. Grant in the Appomattox Court House, bringing an end to hostilities between the North and South. (Appomattox County, Virginia) (The Birth of a Nation)

Col. Owen Devereaux chooses to ignore a white flag of surrender and orders the slaughter of a hundred Confederate soldiers. (Jacob's Bend, Colorado Territory) (The Man From Colorado)


The London Post headline: "BRITAIN ACCUSES GERMAN ARMY OF BANK THEFT." (London, England) (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)


Good-for-nothing George "Skeet" Burns reports (late) to the Marine Base in San Diego and is assigned to Sgt. O'Hara. (San Diego, CA) (Tell It to the Marines)


Germans invade Copenhagen, Denmark. Oslo radio announces that the Norwegian capital had been bombarded several times from the air and that the government had ordered that it be abandoned by civilian population within two days. (Foreign Correspondent)


Cindy Meltzer is born. (Ohio) (Extract)


Once Mike's shift ends and he leaves, the vandals break in, but the restaurant's animatronic mascots—Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Mr. Cupcake—kill the entire group (Five Nights at Freddy's)

스베틀라나 마리아 선데이 탄생. (Texas Chainsaw 3D)


A standoff begins between the Bainbridge and the pirates in the Maersk Alabama's lifeboat (Gulf of Aden) (Captain Phillips)


Cindy's driver's license expires. (Ohio) (Extract)


Olive sings along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California) (Easy A)


Class of '99 reunion. Jessica arrives with her girlfriend. Kevin introduces Vicky Lathum to his wife Ellie. Oz ends up with Heather. Jim and Michelle have sex in a room full of instruments, where they are seen by Nadia and her boyfriend. Finch ends up with Selena. Stifler sets up divorced Chuck Sherman with Loni Lipstein and has sex with Finch's mom Rachel while John and Justin shout "MILF!" (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Reunion)

An article titled "Joey Cassidy Named as Consultant for Top Security Firm" is published. (Brooklyn, NY) (Man on a Ledge)

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