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Verona De Tessant's mother is born.


Gloria is born.


Verona De Tessant is born.

August: Gloria gives birth to Burt Farlander in a bath tub surrounded by three firemen.


Gloria and Jerry start thinking about moving to Antwerp.


Mr. and Mrs. De Tessant die.

Ashley, daughter of Lily and Lowell, is born. (Chicago, Illinois)

August: Roderick meets Burt during the Burning Man festival. (Black Rock Desert, Nevada)


October: Burt and Verona conceive their baby.


March: Verona and Burt have sex.

April: Burt and Verona move to Verona's old family home.

April: Burt and Verona visit Burt's brother Courtney, whose wife left him. (Miami, Florida)

April: Burt and Verona visit LN and her family. (Madison, Wisconsin)

April: Burt and Verona visit their old college friends Munch and Tom Garrett. (Montreal, Quebec)

April: Burt and Verona visit Verona's sister Grace. (Tucson, Arizona)

April: Burt and Verona visit Verona's old boss Lily and her family. (Phoenix, Arizona)

April: Burt's parents announce that they're moving to Antwerp. Burt and Verona decide to travel to different places until they find a home to raise their daughter.

June: Gloria and Jerry Farlander move to Antwerp. (Antwerp, Belgium)

July: Burt and Verona's baby daughter is born.


Jerry and Gloria return home from Antwerp.

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