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The Scarlet Letter is published.


Tuesday 18th September: A film adaptation of The Scarlet Letter is released.


Tuesday 13th March: A German adaptation of The Scarlet Letter is broadcasted. (West Germany)


September: Micah is born. (Ojai, California)


April: Olive Penderghast is born. (Ojai, California)

May: Rhiannon Abernathy is born. (Ojai, California)


Friday 13th October: A film adaptation of The Scarlet Letter starring Demi Moore is released.


Olive Penderghast and Marianne Bryant have a kindergarten class together. (Ojai, California)


During eighth grade, Olive and Todd pretend to kiss each other during "seven minutes in heaven". (Ojai, California)


Marianne Bryant and her friends protest against the Blue Devil school mascot. (Ojai, California)


Friday 8th April: Olive gets a card with the song "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California)

Saturday 9th April: Olive sings along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California)

Sunday 10th April: Olive continues singing along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California)

Monday 11th April: Olive lies to Rhiannon about losing her virginity. (Ojai, California)

Tuesday 12th April: Olive gets more attention at school and gets in trouble when she calls another girl a "twat". (Ojai, California)

Wednesday 13th April: Olive and Brandon clean the school during detention. (Ojai, California)

Monday 18th April: Olive hangs out with Rhi and gets a phone call from Brandon. (Ojai, California)

Tuesday 19th April: Brandon asks Olive to pretend to have sex with him so that people think that he's a heterosexual. (Ojai, California)

Wednesday 20th April: Olive pretends to have sex with Brandon at a party to make people think he's not a homosexual. (Ojai, California)

Thursday 21st April: Olive shows up to school wearing an outfit that attracts a lot of attention. (Ojai, California)

Friday 22nd April: Earth Day

May: Olive Penderghast tells her story via webcam through and rides off with Todd on a lawnmower. (Ojai, California)

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