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Movie history events from 2000

Monica Moreland has a Christina Aguilera look during 7th grade. She makes out with Pete Goochman in Julie Posner's basement. Bartleby gets jealous of "The Gooch". (Wickliffe, Ohio) (Accepted)

A boy who will be a freshman in college in 2014 is born. (New York City, New York) (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

The Devil contacts Eliot Richards about selling his soul in exchange for seven wishes. (San Francisco, CA) (Bedazzled)

Solomon Vandy testifies his story of diamond industry corruption amid civil war in Sierra Leone. (Kimberley, South Africa) (Blood Diamond)

John Nevins starts working for the CIA. (The Bourne Supremacy)

The UCA High School Cheerleading competition is won by the East Compton Clovers. Coming in second was the 5-time champions, the Rancho Carne Toros. (Daytona Beach, FL) (Bring it On)

Ben Newman, son of Donna and Michael Newman, is born. (New York City) (Click)

Danny Delanay is not with anyone after this year until he meets Catelaya in 2010 under the fake name Jennifer. (Chicago, Illinois) (Colombiana)

Jacob Benson is born. (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

Pedestrians are run down for points in a brutal cross-country race. (Death Race 2000)

Miranda Frost won a gold medal for fencing. (Sydney, Australia) (Die Another Day)

Sawyer's father abandons him. (Florida) (Dolphin Tale)

Dracula returns and terrorises present-day London (London, England) (Dracula 2000)

Dr. Freund's husband dies. (New York) (Drag Me To Hell)

Fun With Dick And Jane. (Fun with Dick and Jane)

Cats musical is closed. (New York City) (Jersey Girl)

David Lizewski becomes friends with Marty. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Saudi Arabia becomes the no.1 oil producer in the world, and the USA becomes the no.1 oil consumer. (The Kingdom)

Season 2000 (Allenville Penitentiary, Texas) (The Longest Yard)

Regina does not invite Janis to her birthday pool party and calls her a lesbian. (Evanston, Illinois) (Mean Girls)

Chad Brad is a baseball pitcher. (Moneyball)

Becky's mom believes that her dream of working on the news is inspiring. (Morning Glory)

It is predicted that by this year, the average computer will be as small as a bedroom. (Mystery Team)

AVERAGE EXECUTIVE SALARY 2000 $4,410,000-$5,480,000 (The Other Guys)

Eventual traitor & secret service agent 005 starts guarding M (London) (Quantum of Solace)

A chimpanzee later named Koba is born. (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Matt builds a robot. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

Rachael Evans Tenenbaum, wife of Chas Tenenbaum and mother of Ari and Uzi, dies in a plane crash. Chas, Ari, Uzi, and their dog Buckley survive. (The Royal Tenenbaums)

Nick makes a list of potential jurors. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Runaway Jury)

Dave Stutler meets Balthazar in an antique store. (New York City) (The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

Major population boom. (Soylent Green)

Jules' brother stops calling her "hymen". (Superbad)

A man starts scouting for a league. (Canada) (Taking Lives)

Saturday 1st January: Aldrich Killian watches fireworks. (Bern, Switzerland) (Iron Man 3)

February: Jay Moriarty is on the cover of Head Surf. (Chasing Mavericks)

February: Jay Moriarty is on the cover of Head Surf. (Chasing Mavericks)

Sunday 20th February: Marty the zebra is born. (Madagascar)

Saturday 11th March: World Boxing Union welterweight title match. Micky Ward vs. Shea Neary at the Olympia centre. (London, England) (The Fighter)

Monday 20th March: Mason Verger tells Clarice Starling about the time Hannibal Lecter gave him a "popper" and told him to cut off his own face. (Baltimore, MD) (Hannibal)

Thursday 23rd March: Evelyn Salt's guardian dies. (Salt)

April: Count Thibault of Malfete and his valet Andr (Chicago, IL) (Just Visiting)

Sunday 9th April: 스베틀라나 마리아 선데이 탄생. (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Saturday 15th April: Cody's mother, Jenna, and her husband Eric Stark visit Cody and Maggie at their apartment. They kidnap Cody. (USA) (Bless the Child)

May: Ruby and Rhett Baker's parents are killed in a car accident. They move to Malibu and move in with the Glasses, old friends of their parents. (The Glass House)

Wednesday 10th May: Fortune article reads, "BAILOUT AT CHURCHILL, SCHWARTZ NIXED BY KELLER, ZABEL." (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Saturday 13th May: A student has a premonition that his plane will crash upon take-off - it does. (JFK Airport, New York City) (Final Destination)

Sunday 14th May: Carl Stargher kidnaps victim #7, Anne-Marie Vicksey, putting her in a glass cell & slowly flooding it over 40hrs. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Tuesday 16th May: Once Anne-Marie Vicksey has drowned, Carl Stargher takes her body to his home, bathes it in bleach & pleasures himself. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Wednesday 17th May: Brian Spilner's driver's license expires. (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Wednesday 17th May: Carl Stargher dumps the body of Anne-Marie Vicksey under a bridge in 3 inches of water, where it would later be found by the FBI. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Thursday 18th May: Forensics finds a hair from an albino dog on the body of Anne-Marie Vicksey. The hair is used to link the killings to their perpetrator, Carl Stargher. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Saturday 20th May: Carl Stargher kidnaps victim #8, Julia Hickson, & places her in the cell. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Sunday 21st May: Serial killer Carl Stargher suffers a psychotic breach just before the FBI storms his house & finds him catatonic. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Sunday 21st May: FBI agents Peter Novak & Gordon Ramsey take the catatonic Carl Stargher to Dr Catherine Deane in hopes that she can use the NCTS to discover the location of Julia Hickson before she drowns. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Sunday 21st May: Cafeteria man spills hot soup on Konrad's lap. (Night of the Living Dorks)

Monday 22nd May: Agents Novak & Ramsey rescue Julia Hickson just before she drowns; Carl Stargher dies. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Tuesday 23rd May: At the school science fair, Frank DeTorre eats a bad oyster. Osmosis Jones activates the emergency puke, and Frank vomits on Mrs. Boyd, his daughter Shane's teacher. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Osmosis Jones)

Tuesday 23rd May: Social deviants and captured political dissidents for experiments to create a virus to pose as a bio-terrorist attack. (Larkhill Detention Centre) (V for Vendetta)

Wednesday 24th May: Providence Times headline is "WHOOPS!" and contains an article about the vomit incident with the title "Plymouth Science Fair An Explosive Exhibit." (Providence, Rhode Island) (Osmosis Jones)

June: Steve Stifler has had sex with 23 women during his freshman year at college. Jim and his roomate Natalie try having sex, but are interrupted by their parents. Heather goes to Spain. Steve Stifler throws a party at his house, where John urinates on his head, Kevin meets Vicky again and Finch discovers Stifler's mom's Tantra book. Nadia calls Jim and tells him that she wants to see him again. Kevin Myers calls his brother Tom, who gives him the idea to throw a beach party. (American Pie 2)

June: Mason Verger plans to use Clarice Starling as bait so that he can capture Hannibal Lecter, the man who disfigured him years earlier, and feed him to boars. (Washington D.C.) (Hannibal)

Monday 12th June: A boy named Ricky Lapinski stops a robbery while Detective Ray Pluto's back aches. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)

Tuesday 13th June: Ray Pluto meets chiropractor Anne Beamer. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)

Wednesday 14th June: Hannibal Lecter lectures about Dante's Inferno and hangs Rinaldo Pazzi. (Florence, Italy) (Hannibal)

Tuesday 20th June: Anne Beamer writes that Ray Pluto is fit for active duty. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)

Tuesday 20th June: Anne Beamer writes that Ray Pluto is fit for active duty. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)

Wednesday 21st June: Ray Pluto has sex with Anne Beamer while Juan Benitez is wounded. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)

Thursday 22nd June: Ray Pluto breaks up with Anne Beamer over the phone and stops the men who wounded Juan. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)

Thursday 22nd June: Following the destruction of the alien mothership, Las Vegas was completely demolished by a crashing City Destroyer. Since then, thousands have visited its untouched ruins - serving as a dramatic reminder of the aliens' ruthless attack and permanent memorial to the War of 1996. (Las Vegas, NV) (Independence Day: Resurgence)

Monday 26th June: Genome Project successfully maps human genetic blueprint: DNA. (The 6th Day)

July: Jim visits Michelle at band camp and is mistaken for a mentally challenged North Tall Oaks trombone player named Peter Blake. Stifler suspects two women of being lesbians. They mess with him, Finch, and Jim by making them do things with each other. (American Pie 2)

July: A calendar at the police station. (New York City, New York) (Double Whammy)

Tuesday 4th July: Mason Verger is eaten by boars after being pushed by Dr. Cordell Doemling. Hannibal sedates Clarice Starling and cooks Paul Krendler's brain. Hannibal escapes by using a meat cleaver on his hand-cuffed wrist. (Washington D.C.) (Hannibal)

Wednesday 5th July: Hannibal leaves the U.S. on an airplane and lets a boy have a piece of Krendler's brain. (Hannibal)

Thursday 6th July: Political Application. (New Orleans, Louisianna) (Runaway Jury)

Monday 10th July: Friends Alec Nichols, Sam Parkes, Trevor Logan, and Casey Shepard hang out. (Los Angeles, California) (Rennie's Landing)

Tuesday 11th July: Alec Nichols attempts to rob a convenience store, but his friends stop him and the clerk runs at them with a baseball bat. (Los Angeles, California) (Rennie's Landing)

Wednesday 12th July: Sam Parkes speaks to a lawyer. Alec Nichols and Trevor Logan argue. (Los Angeles, California) (Rennie's Landing)

Thursday 13th July: At 8:30 PM, Trevor Logan receives an e-mail from a woman who says her name is Milani, who has attached a picture of herself. (Los Angeles, CA) (Rennie's Landing)

Friday 14th July: Alec Nichols does research on a bank he wants to rob. (Los Angeles, California) (Rennie's Landing)

Saturday 15th July: Casey visits the grave of his and Kiley Bradshaw's son, Michael Lee Bradshaw. Alec's friends all agree to help him rob a bank. (Los Angeles, California) (Rennie's Landing)

Thursday 20th July: The day of the bank robbery in Alec's fantasies, which include events of preceding days. (Los Angeles, California) (Rennie's Landing)

Sunday 23rd July: Stifler gets a call from his mom. She tells him that she'll go to Grant Harbour in two weeks. (Grant Harbour, Michigan) (American Pie 2)

Saturday 29th July: Jim mistakes super glue for a lubricant. (Grant Harbour, Michigan) (American Pie 2)

August: Jay Moriarty is on the cover the August/September issue of Inside Surf. (Chasing Mavericks)

Saturday 5th August: Matt Stifler arrives at the beach house. Heather meets up with Oz at the party. Jim turns down Nadia to be with Michelle. Nadia decides to sleep with Chuck Sherman, A.K.A. "The Shermanator". Steve sleeps with the two woman he though were lesbians. (Grant Harbour, Michigan) (American Pie 2)

Sunday 6th August: Stifler's mom, Jeanine, has tantric sex with Finch in her car. (Grant Harbour, Michigan) (American Pie 2)

Friday 18th August: 75% of the captured subjects for the faked bio-terrorist attack experiment are dead thanks to the virus they have been given. (Larkhill Detention Centre) (V for Vendetta)

Wednesday 23rd August: A 9.6 Richter Scale earthquake rocks California, knocking L.A. into its own island, at 12:59pm. (L.A.) (Escape From L.A.)

Monday 18th September: 'V' is the only escapee from the viral experiment - the rest are all dead. (Larkhill Detention Centre) (V for Vendetta)

October: Josh Parker goes on a road trip with E.L., Rubin Carver, and Kyle Edwards to prevent a videotape from being seen by his childhood friend Tiffany. (Austin, Texas) (Road Trip)

Sunday 1st October: Reggie Kray dies. (Norwich, Norfolk, England) (The Krays)

Thursday 12th October: The USS Cole is bombed by Al Qaeda terrorists. (Yemen) (The Kingdom)

Saturday 21st October: James Coughlin is arrested for shooting Brendan Leahy at the cemetery behind Mishawum. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)

November: David Aames meets Sofia Serrano and gets his face disfigured as Julianna Gianni gets him in a car accident and kills herself. (New York City, New York) (Vanilla Sky)

Tuesday 7th November: The 2000 Presidential Election. (United States) (Swing Vote)

Thursday 16th November: The Devil will have been in business for 6,000 years on this day. (Bedazzled)

Thursday 23rd November: On Thanksgiving, Joseph Keenan's maternal grandmother's two Bloodhounds trail him around because he is an animal lover who never finishes his supper. Before he gets up from the table, he tosses them a turkey leg attached to a hunk of cartilage. They fight each other viciously over it. (Dallas, Texas) (Red State)

December: The Devil's license plate expires. (Bedazzled)

December: After narrowly surviving a car accident, Samantha Cane (Charli Baltimore) begins to get flashbacks of her former life; PI Mitch Hennessey catches a break in his "amnesia chick" case. (Honesburg, NJ) (The Long Kiss Goodnight)

December: Director of the CIA Leland Perkins faces 6 counts of high treason; Mitch Hennessey appears on "Larry King Live." (The Long Kiss Goodnight)

December: In late December, David Aames loses Sofia Serrano after a night at a club. (New York City, New York) (Vanilla Sky)

Saturday 2nd December: Martin Asher kills someone. (Taking Lives)

Tuesday 5th December: David Aames shows his disfigured face to Sofia Serrano. (New York City, New York) (Vanilla Sky)

Saturday 9th December: Dre Parker's height is measured. (Detroit, MI) (The Karate Kid)

Sunday 24th December: Rogue CIA agent Charli Baltimore & PI Mitch Hennessey stop a bomb from exploding in Niagra Falls, saving the lives of thousands. (US / Canadian Border) (The Long Kiss Goodnight)

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