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Movie events on the 6th April


Oscar Wilde is arrested after losing a libel case against the Marquess of Queensberry. (Oscar Wilde)


Mickey Cochrane is born. (Bridgewater, Massachusetts) (Cobb)


Lance Corporals Blake and Schofield head into No Man's Land to deliver a message for the Devonshire Regiment, to call off their planned attack on the Germans for the next morning. (The Western Front, near Écoust-Saint-Mein) (1917)


Rocky Balboa born. (Rocky)


Senator McCarthy broadcasts his reply to Edward Murrow, accusing him of Communist leanings. (Good Night, and Good Luck)


Frank White is arrested for the possession of an unregistered firearm. (New York City) (King of New York)


George Berger dies in the Vietnam War at a little less than 23 years of age. (Vietnam) (Hair)


Dwight Chapin guilty of lying to Grand Jury. (All the President's Men)


Congressman Charlie Wilson, while soaking in a hot tub with a bunch of strippers, sees a report about the war in Afghanistan on TV. (Las Vegas) (Charlie Wilson's War)


At 4:13 PM, Mike Schmidt is offered a job as a night guard at the abandoned Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza by William Afton posing as Steve Raglan. He turns down the offer (Five Nights at Freddy's)


Dre Parker's height is measured. (Detroit, MI) (The Karate Kid)


Dre Parker's height is measured. (Detroit, MI) (The Karate Kid)


Tom Cutler of "Stericlean" goes to a house and cleans the remains of a very bloody homicide. (West Trenton, New Jersey) (Cleaner)


Jim, Michelle, and Evan arrive at Jim's dad's house. Jim meets up with Kevin Meyers, Chris Ostreiker, and Paul Finch at a bar where they meet Selena Vega and bump into Steve Stifler. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Reunion)

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