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Wednesday 3rd July: Terminator 2: Judgement Day is released and becomes a big hit. (USA)


August: Tom Myers and his friends throw a beach party.


June: After the prom, Jim leaves three messages for Michelle. Paul Finch and Steve Stifler fight. Finch ends up with a black eye. Stifler ends up having six stitches.


June: Steve Stifler has had sex with 23 women during his freshman year at college. Jim and his roomate Natalie try having sex, but are interrupted by their parents. Heather goes to Spain. Steve Stifler throws a party at his house, where John urinates on his head, Kevin meets Vicky again and Finch discovers Stifler's mom's Tantra book. Nadia calls Jim and tells him that she wants to see him again. Kevin Myers calls his brother Tom, who gives him the idea to throw a beach party.

July: Jim visits Michelle at band camp and is mistaken for a mentally challenged North Tall Oaks trombone player named Peter Blake. Stifler suspects two women of being lesbians. They mess with him, Finch, and Jim by making them do things with each other.

Sunday 23rd July: Stifler gets a call from his mom. She tells him that she'll go to Grant Harbour in two weeks. (Grant Harbour, Michigan)

Saturday 29th July: Jim mistakes super glue for a lubricant. (Grant Harbour, Michigan)

Saturday 5th August: Matt Stifler arrives at the beach house. Heather meets up with Oz at the party. Jim turns down Nadia to be with Michelle. Nadia decides to sleep with Chuck Sherman, A.K.A. "The Shermanator". Steve sleeps with the two woman he though were lesbians. (Grant Harbour, Michigan)

Sunday 6th August: Stifler's mom, Jeanine, has tantric sex with Finch in her car. (Grant Harbour, Michigan)

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