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The back building of the high school burns down. (USA)

Cady Heron is born.


Mr. Duvall becomes an educator. (Evanston, Illinois)


Cady and her parents go to Africa. (Africa)


Regina does not invite Janis to her birthday pool party and calls her a lesbian. (Evanston, Illinois)


Regina says that only she can wear hoop earrings, upsetting Gretchen Wieners. (Evanston, Illinois)

September: Janis has shorter hair when high school starts. (Evanston, Illinois)

Sunday 9th December: Gretchen Wieners' parents give her hoop earrings. She pretends that she does not like them. (Evanston, Illinois)


Regina breaks up with Aaron Samuels in summer to be with Shane Oman. (Evanston, Illinois)

September: Cady Heron starts going to North Shore High School. (Evanston, Illinois)

Friday 3rd October: Aaron asks Cady what day it is. (Evanston, Illinois)

Friday 17th October: Aaron and Cady briefly speak to each other when it rains. (Evanston, Illinois)

Friday 31st October: Cady goes to Aaron's Halloween party and sees Regina kiss him. (Evanston, Illinois)

Monday 3rd November: Cady tries her best not to beat up Regina out of jealousy. (Evanston, Illinois)

December: North Shore High winter talent show. (Evanston, Illinois)


January: Regina puts her spring fling dress on hold at a store called 1, 3, 5. (Evanston, Illinois)

Thursday 15th January: Aaron sees Shane in his underwear in the projection room above the auditorium. (Evanston, Illinois)

Thursday 22nd January: Aaron and Damien catch Coach Carr and Trang Pak in the projection room. (Evanston, Illinois)

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