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Borough Hall Highlands Incorporated. (Highlands, New Jersey)


Wednesday 24th July: Gertrude Steiney is born.


March: Maya is born. (Highlands, New Jersey)


Thursday 19th March: D.J. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince release their debut album, Rock the House.


South Peak Street is closed. (Highlands, New Jersey)


December: Ollie Trinke introduces Gertrude Steiney to his dad and conceives Gertie. (New Jersey)

December: Oliver "Ollie" Trinke' meets Gertrude Steiney and they start dating. (New York City)


Gertie Trinke born, and her mother Gertrude dies in childbirth. (New York)

August: Gertie Trinke born, and her mother Gertrude dies in childbirth. (New York)

December: Ollie takes Gertrude to meet his father and asks her to marry him. (Highlands, New Jersey)


June: Ollie Trinke ruins his career at an auction of Will Smith memorabilia. (New York)

Saturday 1st June: Gertrude dies after giving birth to her and Ollie's daughter Gertie. (New York City)

Tuesday 25th June: Independence Day opens in cinemas.


Ollie becomes a pariah. (Highlands, New Jersey)


Cats musical is closed. (New York City)


Ollie Trinke meets Maya, and has to choose between his career and his daughter's school show. (New Jersey)

Saturday 5th October: October Fest (Highlands, New Jersey)

Sunday 15th December: Holiday House Tour (Highlands, New Jersey)


October: Ollie almost has sex with video store clerk named Maya, but they are caught by Gertie before they can do anything. (Highlands, New Jersey)

November: Ollie decides to stay in Highlands and shows up during Gertie's performance of "God That's Good" from Sweeney Todd. (Highlands, New Jersey)

Monday 3rd November: Date of Application (Highlands, New Jersey)

Wednesday 12th November: Highlands Public Works Department works on Bay Avenue on or about this date. (Highlands, New Jersey)

Saturday 15th November: Work on Bay Avenue ends. (Highlands, New Jersey)


March: Maya turns 26. (Highlands, New Jersey)

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