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Norman Osborne is born. (new york)


Midtown Science High School is established. (New York City, New York)


Harry Osborn is born. (New York City, New York)


A boy who will be a freshman in college in 2014 is born. (New York City, New York)


Wednesday 12th June: Scientist Richard Parker records a video message to explain his disappearance to his only son, Peter, and leaves it in his briefcase. (New York City, New York)

Thursday 13th June: While Richard and Mary are on the plane heading for Switzerland, Richard transmits a secret file known as "Project Roosevelt". However, a co-pilot steps out, reveals himself as an assassin, and tries to kill both Richard and Mary and shut down the upload. However, Richard fights him, and the assassin shoots Mary. Richard shoots the glass, creating an explosive decompression. In his last moments, he completes the transmission of the project on his laptop as the plane crashes into the sea.


Harry Osborn is sent to boarding school. (New York City, New York)


For his sixteenth birthday, Norman Osborn receives scotch and a card from his father's assistant. (New York City, New York)


Sunday 17th March: On Saint Patrick's Day, Dr. Jallings posts YouTube video titled "Batteries, The Pluses & Minuses Dr Jailings Science Investigator #023." (New York City, New York)

Friday 17th May: Publication date of YouTube video called "Batteries, The Pluses & Minuses - Dr. Jallings Science Investigator #023."

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