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5th November: Guy Fawkes attempts to blow up the Houses of Parliament. (London)


31st January: Guy Fawkes is hung, drawn and quartered. (London)


Future freedom fighter Evey born.

The prisoner Valerie states in her letter written on toilet paper that she was born in Nottingham in 1985. (Nottingham, England)

Tuesday 24th December: Future freedom fighter Evey born.


Nuclear war causes a fascist regime to take control of England.


Evey plays Viola in Twelfth Night.


Evey's political activist parents are killed.


Tuesday 23rd May: Social deviants and captured political dissidents for experiments to create a virus to pose as a bio-terrorist attack. (Larkhill Detention Centre)

Friday 18th August: 75% of the captured subjects for the faked bio-terrorist attack experiment are dead thanks to the virus they have been given. (Larkhill Detention Centre)

Monday 18th September: 'V' is the only escapee from the viral experiment - the rest are all dead. (Larkhill Detention Centre)


Evey falls in love with a girl named Christina. Her parents are angered when she comes out to them.


Wednesday 5th November: The Old Bailey is blown up by V.

Thursday 6th November: British media reports that the Old Bailey was razed in order to make room for a new structure. (London)


The corrupt Houses of Parliament fall victim to a terrorist attack. (London)

In 2015 Valerie stars in her first film The Salt Flats where she falls in love with Ruth.


Saturday 5th November: V destroys Larkhill Detention Centre. (Larkhill Detention Centre)


In 2018 Valerie and Ruth are taken away to prison after having lived together in London for three years. Valerie states “for three years I had roses” speaking of the flowers Ruth planted for her in the window box. (London)


July: Father Lilliman becomes Bishop.

October: Evey is released from JBP Wycombe Unit 789. (London, United Kingdom)


January: Evey gets a job at the Jordan Tower TV Centre. (London, United Kingdom)

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