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Miranda Frost won a gold medal for fencing. (Sydney, Australia)


September: James Bond infiltrates a military base, where Colonel Tan-Sun Moon is illegally trading African conflict diamonds for weaponry. After Moon's assistant Zao discovers Bond is a British agent, the colonel attempts to escape in a hovercraft. Bond distracts the soldiers with an explosion, which disfigures Zao's face with diamonds, and takes to another hovercraft to give chase. During the duel with Bond, Moon's hovercraft plunges down a waterfall, apparently killing Moon. Bond is captured by North Korean soldiers and imprisoned by the Colonel (North Korea)


August: Miranda Frost volunteers to find out more about Gustav Graves.

Saturday 9th November: James Bond checks into a hotel. (Havana, Cuba)

Sunday 10th November: James Bond meets NSA agent Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson. (Havana, Cuba)

Monday 11th November: James Bond and Jinx go to a clinic in search of information about Zao. (Cuba)

Tuesday 12th November: James Bond encounters undercover MI6 agent Miranda Frost at the Blades Club. (London, England)

Wednesday 13th November: Jinx infiltrates Graves' lair and is saved by Bond. (Iceland)

Thursday 14th November: Bond and Jinx take a stash of Graves' diamonds after defeating him and double agent Miranda Frost. (Korean Peninsula)

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