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29th November: The Sand Creek Massacre. (Kiowa County, Colorado)


Walker's is established.


Friday 31st December: Aldrich Killian asks Tony Stark and Dr. Maya Hansen to join Advanced Idea Mechanics. (Bern, Switzerland)


Saturday 1st January: Aldrich Killian watches fireworks. (Bern, Switzerland)


Harley's sister is born. Their father walks out on them. (Tennessee)


Aldrich Killian begins physical therapy.


Monday 29th June: Project Extremis experiment is filmed.


Norco has an oil spill. (Pensacola, Florida)


Friday 21st December: Tony Stark tests the Mark 42 Iron Man suit. (Malibu, California)

Saturday 22nd December: Pepper Potts arrives at Tony Stark's home. Happy Hogan is injured after a participant in the Extremis project explodes. (Malibu, California)

Sunday 23rd December: Tony Stark's home in Malibu is attacked and he is presumed dead. His suit takes him to Tennessee, where he meets Harley.

Monday 24th December: Tony Stark discovers that the Mandarin that has been broadcasted on TV is just an actor named Trevor Slattery. Colonel James Rhodes saves President Ellis. Pepper Potts, having gone through the Extremis experiment, uses her powers to kill Aldrich Killian. Stark blows up his suits. (Miami, Florida)

Tuesday 25th December: Pepper Potts gets treatment to cure her from side-effects of the Extremis experiment. Tony Stark gets the shrapnel in his chest removed.

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