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Rennie's Landing - timeline

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The year on Jennie Beck's gravestone.


The year on Bessie B.'s gravestone.


Monday 23rd November: Michael Lee Bradshaw is born.


Sunday 5th January: Michael Lee Bradshaw dies.


June: Alec Nichols, Samantha Parkes, Trevor Logan, and Casey Shepard graduate from college and go to their favorite bar Rennie's Landing one last time. (Eugene, Oregon)


Monday 10th July: Friends Alec Nichols, Sam Parkes, Trevor Logan, and Casey Shepard hang out. (Los Angeles, California)

Tuesday 11th July: Alec Nichols attempts to rob a convenience store, but his friends stop him and the clerk runs at them with a baseball bat. (Los Angeles, California)

Wednesday 12th July: Sam Parkes speaks to a lawyer. Alec Nichols and Trevor Logan argue. (Los Angeles, California)

Thursday 13th July: At 8:30 PM, Trevor Logan receives an e-mail from a woman who says her name is Milani, who has attached a picture of herself. (Los Angeles, CA)

Friday 14th July: Alec Nichols does research on a bank he wants to rob. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 15th July: Casey visits the grave of his and Kiley Bradshaw's son, Michael Lee Bradshaw. Alec's friends all agree to help him rob a bank. (Los Angeles, California)

Thursday 20th July: The day of the bank robbery in Alec's fantasies, which include events of preceding days. (Los Angeles, California)

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