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Wednesday 3rd June: McLovin is born.


Evan, Seth, and Fogell are born.


Dan Remming starts having a six-pack during kindergarten.


Seth and Evan meet each other and become best friends.


Seth draws penises and gets in trouble when Becca sees one of his drawings.


Greg pisses his pants.

Thursday 18th June: McLovin's ID is issued. (Honolulu, Hawaii)


Jules' brother stops calling her "hymen".


Friday 27th June: Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is released. (United States)


Seth hooks up with Shauna.


Seth has bad acne and becomes an expert on cover-up.

Jules gets hot over the summer.

Jules gets hot over the summer. Officer Michaels learns alongside Officer Slater.

December: Officer Michaels starts going six months in.


May: Seth finds out that Evan and Fogell are moving in together when he sees the housing forms.

Saturday 27th May: Evan, Seth, and Fogell watch internet porn, drink, go to a party thrown by Seth's parents, and go to a night club.

Saturday 27th May: Becca goes to Dimitri's party.

June: Seth, Evan, and Fogell try to get booze so they can have a party, hopefully get girls drunk, and lose their virginities.

Friday 2nd June: Seth and Evan go to a party to try to get alcohol for Jules' party. Fogell hangs out with Officer Slater and Officer Michaels under the fake name McLovin.

Saturday 3rd June: Seth and Evan meet up with Jules and Becca at the mall.

Saturday 10th June: Seth and Evan can't go to Jesse's graduation party.


Tuesday 3rd June: McLovin's ID expires.

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