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Thursday 15th April: David Webb - later to become spy Jason Bourne - is born. (Missouri)


Wednesday 28th March: Nicolette "Nicky" Parsons is born. (New York City)


A year that Jason Bourne types in a search engine.

Saturday 18th January: A date stamped in Jason Bourne's passport.


Nicky Parson works at Treadstone and her cover is that she is a student. (Paris, France)

A year Jason Bourne types into a search engine.

Monday 11th January: A date stamped in Jason Bourne's passport.

June: A date stamped in Jason Bourne's passport.


John Nevins starts working for the CIA.


Thursday 12th September: Treadstone Project Debriefing Report is made.


Kirill kills Marie Kreutz, but Jason Bourne escapes. (Goa, India)


Friday 12th January: CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy receives a phone call from Jason Bourne. She tells him his birthdate and that he is David Webb.

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