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The Presidential election of 1824. (United States)


Molly, daughter of Larissa and Ernest "Bud" Johnson, is born. (Texico, New Mexico)


Tuesday 7th November: The 2000 Presidential Election. (United States)


Tuesday 2nd November: The 2004 Election, which results in a victory for Andrew Boone. (United States)


May: Bud Johnson shows up to work one day on time. (Texico, New Mexico)

Tuesday 4th November: Bud Johnson doesn't vote. His daughter Molly tries voting for him but an error accurrs when a plug is unplugged. (Texico, New Mexico)

Wednesday 5th November: The media finds out that Bud Johnson has to vote in order to break a tie. (Texico, New Mexico)

Thursday 6th November: Ten days before Bud Johnson has to vote. (Texico, New Mexico)

Monday 10th November: A football game happens. (United States)

Tuesday 11th November: Bring Your Dad To School Day. (Texico, New Mexico)

Saturday 15th November: A final debate is held. (United States)

Sunday 16th November: Bud Johnson votes for either Andrew Boone or Donald Greenleaf. (Texico, New Mexico)

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