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John D. Truesdale is born. (Los Angeles, California)


1929 Standing Liberty Quarter is made.


Fredericka S. Freund gets her medical degree at Baylor University. (Waco, Texas)


Dr. Freund is a Cornell college professor. (Ithaca, New York)


Dr. Freund becomes a professor of another medical subject.

An unseen force pulls a boy to hell. (Pasadena, California)


Sylvia Ganush starts living at 325 Brandon Street. (Los Angeles, California)


Dr. Freund's husband dies. (New York)


August: Julie Cartwright is independent and without assistance until this month.


Christine Brown starts dating Professor Clayton "Clay" Dalton. (Los Angeles, California)


John D. Truesdale dies. (Los Angeles, California)

Tuesday 27th January: Fredericka S. Freund dies.

Monday 16th February: Julie Cartwright dies.

Wednesday 18th February: Sylvia Ganush curses Christine Brown after she refuses to help her keep her home. Ganush later dies of heart failure. (Los Angeles, California)

Thursday 19th February: Christine kills her cat and tries offering it as a sacrifice. Dinner with Clay's parents is a disaster. (Los Angeles, California)

Friday 20th February: Shaun San Dena dies while banishing the Lamia from the seance. Rham Jas seals the cursed button in an envelope and tells Christine to get rid of the curse by giving the button to someone else as a gift. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 21st February: Christine goes to Ganush's grave and puts an envelope in her mouth. Christine's boss, Jim Jacks, leaves her a message saying that he found out Stu Rubin stole Christine's work and was fired. Before Christine and Clay are able to take a train to Clay's parents' cabin in Santa Barbara, where Clay planned to propose to her, Clay reveals that he has the envelope containing the cursed button. Christine falls onto the tracks and is dragged to Hell. (Los Angeles, California)

Monday 23rd February: The date that Jim Jacks would have promoted Christine Brown to assistant manager. (Los Angeles, California)

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