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An unconscious CIA agent, Charli Baltimore, washes ashore after being left for dead by Timothy & One-eyed Jack; she would wake two months later, pregnant & having no clue who she is. (New Jersey coast)


A bomb explodes, collapsing a subway tunnel under the World Trade Center; a terrorist arrested for the crime claims that the CIA had advance knowlege of the bombing. (New York City, NY)


December: After narrowly surviving a car accident, Samantha Cane (Charli Baltimore) begins to get flashbacks of her former life; PI Mitch Hennessey catches a break in his "amnesia chick" case. (Honesburg, NJ)

December: Director of the CIA Leland Perkins faces 6 counts of high treason; Mitch Hennessey appears on "Larry King Live."

Sunday 24th December: Rogue CIA agent Charli Baltimore & PI Mitch Hennessey stop a bomb from exploding in Niagra Falls, saving the lives of thousands. (US / Canadian Border)

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