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Movie events on the 16th November


The Devil begins working. (Bedazzled)


Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro defeats Incan emperor Atahuallpa. (Cajamarca, Peru) (The Day After Tomorrow)


A stowaway is discovered on the Musket. (South Pacific Ocean) (Cloud Atlas)


The search for the resurrected John Ellman. (The Walking Dead)


Danish sea captain Andersen, delayed in a British port, discovers his landing passes have been stolen by two German spies disguised as passengers. He sneaks ashore and onto a London-bound train in order to stop them. (Eastgate-On-Sea, England) (Contraband)


The United States ships 88 German scientists to America to assist the nation in its production of rocket technology. (The Good Shepherd)


Marty McFly travels through time again, this time back to 1885. (Back to the Future Part II)


Edward Gein murders his last victim Bernice Worden. (Plainfield, Wisconsin) (In the Light of the Moon)


Clark Gable dies of a heart attack. (Los Angeles, California) (Gable and Lombard)


Richard Nixon declares that America (Nixon)


President Andrew Shepherd and Sydney Ellen Wade attend a State Dinner together. (Washington D.C.) (The American President)


The Devil will have been in business for 6,000 years on this day. (Bedazzled)


Bud Johnson votes for either Andrew Boone or Donald Greenleaf. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)


Chudnofsky hires The Green Hornet to kill Britt Reid. Britt Reid fails to record a conversation with DA Frank Scanlon. He and Kato go to the Daily Sentinel building and fight thugs. Chudnofsky and Scanlon die. Britt, who has a bullet wound, and Kato escape with ejector seats and go to Lenore's house. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)


Tetravaal CEO Michelle Bradley refuses to let Deon test the A.I. on a police robot. He steals a damaged robot and is kidnapped by a group of gangsters, Ninja, Yolandi, and Amerika. "Chappie" is created. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (Chappie)


"Baby" Pedro, "The Youngest Person on the Planet" is murdered by an autograph seeker; he was 18 years of age. (Children of Men)

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