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Sunday 18th May: Danny Delanay is born.


Cateleya Restrepo is born. (Bogota, Colombia)


Cateleya Restrepo's parents Fabio and Alicia are gunned down by drug dealers in Bogota, Columbia. Cateleya goes to Chicago to live with her uncle, Emilio.


Danny Delanay is not with anyone after this year until he meets Catelaya in 2010 under the fake name Jennifer. (Chicago, Illinois)


Cateleya starts killing people and puts tags of the Colombian flower cattleya on them. She becomes known as the Tag Killer.


William Woogard runs a Ponzi scheme, makes $50 million, and vanishes.


Friday 26th March: Cataleya Restrepo poses as a drunk woman so that she can get into the police station. (Chicago, Illinois)

Saturday 27th March: Cataleya kills Gennaro Rizzo after 1:55 AM. CA. Breaking News headline: GENNARO RIZZO FOUND DEAD IN A POLICE STATION CELL (Chicago, Illinois)

Sunday 28th March: Cateleya's uncle Emilio assigns her a mission to kill William Woogard. (Chicago, Illinois)

Wednesday 31st March: William Woogard parties with a lot of women. (Caribbean)

Thursday 1st April: TRADING NEWS headline: WILLIAM WOOGARD ASSASSINATED IN HIS CARIBBEAN VILLA. Special Agent James Ross calls Steve Richard and asks for information concerning the Tag Killer. (Chicago, Illinois)

Friday 2nd April: Catelaya's boyfriend Danny Delanay takes a picture of her while she is asleep before she leaves to meet with her uncle, who tells her that his friend was murdered in Miami. (Chicago, Illinois)

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