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Movie events on the 20th March


Ned Buntline is born. (Stamford, New York) (Buffalo Bill)


Future actress Charlotte Lucie Marie Ad (Vaujours, Seine-Saint-Denis, France) (Hugo)


Tristan Ludlow writes his father and Susannah about how he is being discharged from the British Army and how Alfred is bringing Samuel's heart home. (Legends of the Fall)


Harry Vardon dies. (Totteridge, England) (The Greatest Game Ever Played)


Ace Lannigan foils an attempt to have him deported back to the US. (SIngapore) (Road to Singapore)


Nazis allow Jews to enter Krakow for the last time. (Schindler's List)


Jenny Curran dies. (Forrest Gump)


Mason Verger tells Clarice Starling about the time Hannibal Lecter gave him a "popper" and told him to cut off his own face. (Baltimore, MD) (Hannibal)


Ben Campbell makes his first trip to Vegas casinos along with five fellow card-counters and his teacher Professor Micky Rosa. (Las Vegas) (21)

Dennis tries to get Shenaniganz to make $9,000 so that he can become district manager. They only make $7,200 and he remains store manager. Regional Manager Dean Shoal comforts Dennis by telling him that he can learn from District Manager Dan's incompetence. Dennis is invited to a party with Shenaniganz employees and he spends the night having sex with Naomi. (Still Waiting...)


April O'Neil interviews Harley Pasternak. That night, she spots Foot Clan ninjas in Brooklyn and believes that they have been stopped by a single vigilante. (New York City, New York) (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)


10:17am - Joe Pendleton is scheduled to die, although taken by a heavenly escort in 1978; it is supposed that Pendleton will die inhabiting the body of LA Rams quarterback Tom Jarrett. (Heaven Can Wait)


Four men are arrested and suspected in trafficking HULC technology. (Los Angeles, California) (Elysium)

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