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Movie history events from 2013

The first case of Simian Flu symptoms recorded by Office of Public Health Awareness. (San Francisco, California) (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Undercover cop Damien and slum-dweller Leito deactivate a bomb secretly sent by the government to destroy the crime-ridden District B13 of Paris. (Paris, France) (District 13)

The year that Christopher Johnson promised Wikus Van De Mewre that he'd return to help. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (District 9)

Armadyne founder Waite Sapphire graduates from Stanford University with a degree in computer science. (Stanford, California) (Elysium)

Snake Plissken tries to escape. (Los Angeles) (Escape From L.A.)

Learning to move on from the death of his mother and believing his dad to be insane, Ford Brody joins the Navy. He is deployed for 14 months to serve as an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician (Godzilla)

The Postman. (The Postman)

Approximately 20% of the American population is addicted to a drug known as Substance D; the organization, New Path steps in to help (or hinder?) the situation. (Anaheim, Ca) (A Scanner Darkly)

Todd's training is completed. (Soldier)

Dr. Doback and Nancy Huff are able to sail by this year. (Step Brothers)

Donny Berger stops his son from marrying Jamie Martin, who has been having an incestuous relationship with her brother. (That's My Boy)

The year that Scorcher, a film that stars Tugg Speedman, takes place. (Tropic Thunder)

Laura Barns joins Facebook (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Babaco Solar to get a 30-40% return by this year. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Gary King brings the whole gang back together for a pub crawl that will conclude with The World's End. They discover that most of the people in town have been replaced by robots who are not really robots. (Newport Haven, UK) (The World's End)

Wolverine kills the resurrected Jean Grey, who became Dark Phoenix and killed Scott Summers and Professor Charles Xavier. Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) is cured temporarily. Xavier returns to life in another body. (New York City, New York) (X-Men 3)

Trask Laboratories unveils groundbreaking ability to create a hybrid gene with mutant DNA. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Ellen Marie Dodge recalls witnessing Erik Lehnsherr's actions during the Kennedy assassination. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Responding to the rise of mutant rebels, Trask Laboratories unveils the next generation in its Sentinel line ó the Sentinel Mark X. Among the new modelís many upgrades is its ability to shape shift and physically adapt to environments. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

January: Dougherty transfers from an Arizona sheriff department. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Wednesday 2nd January: At 7:29 PM, 100proof replies to the Unexplained Forums post (Unfriended)

Thursday 3rd January: At 11:51 AM, afaba replies to the Unexplained Forums post. At 3:05 PM, Morty F. replies to the Unexplained Forums post (Unfriended)

Monday 7th January: At 2:03 PM, a post titled, CAN U FIGHT GHOSTS??? is posted to Unexplained (Unfriended)

Tuesday 8th January: An article detailing the Pierce family massacre is published. (Cult of Chucky)

Monday 21st January: At 4:55 PM, pnut420 replies to the Unexplained Forums post (Unfriended)

Friday 25th January: At 3:28 PM, a post or reply is made on Unexplained (Unfriended)

Friday 25th January: William Sean Carmichael's passport expires. (Unknown)

Friday 25th January: William Sean Carmichael's passport expires. (Unknown)

Sunday 27th January: Miranda Swedlow posts her profile picture. (Brooklyn, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

February: Ben is dumped by his girlfriend Christine. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet)

Monday 4th February: Mardi Gras Week begins. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Friday 8th February: Mardi Gras Week ends. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Saturday 9th February: Parade begins. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Sunday 10th February: Marybeth Dunston goes on a swamp tour to avenge her father Sampson by hunting Victor Crowley. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet)

Sunday 10th February: Parade ends. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Monday 11th February: Marybeth Dunston and Ben are attacked by Victor Crowley in a boat. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet)

Monday 11th February: Marybeth Dunston and Reverand Zombie gather a team to hunt Victor Crowley. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet II)

Tuesday 12th February: Marybeth Dunston defeats Victor Crowley and shoots him in the face. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet II)

Tuesday 12th February: Fat Tuesday. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Tuesday 12th February: Marybeth Dunston survives Victor Crowley as his body is chainsawed. She is put in a jail cell and meets Victor Crowley expert Amanda, ex-wife of Sheriff Fowler. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Wednesday 13th February: Marybeth Dunston takes Amanda's advice to deliver the ashes of Thomas Crowley, which had been in the possession of his nephew Abbott McMullen, to his son Victor Crowley. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet III)

Thursday 21st February: Derek Frost driver's license expires in the "real world". (Cambry, Illinois) (Source Code)

March: The date on a car sticker. (New York City, New York) (The Amazing Spider-Man)

March: The time Reverand Zombie initially told Marybeth Dunston to come back to his shop. (New Orleans, Louisiana) (Hatchet II)

Thursday 7th March: Jody and Dan Sanders move into a new house with Charlie Sheen's kids. (Scary Movie 5)

Friday 8th March: Jody goes to the Swan Lake auditions. (Scary Movie 5)

Saturday 9th March: Jody tells Dan that she senses something wrong with their house. (Scary Movie 5)

Sunday 10th March: Jody is chosen to be the swan queen. (Scary Movie 5)

Monday 11th March: Jody decides to call Professional psychic Blaine Fulda. (Scary Movie 5)

Tuesday 12th March: A car explodes in front of the Sanders' house. (Scary Movie 5)

Wednesday 13th March: Jody hears noises at night. Dan fires Maria and fights with her. Apes escape from Genetic Primate Research Center. Jody meets Kathy's mom during inception. (Scary Movie 5)

Thursday 14th March: Kendra denies having slept with Jody. They go to a cabin in the woods and find the Book of the Dead. (Scary Movie 5)

Friday 15th March: Caesar the ape is kicked out of the house. Jody saves the children from their dead mother. (Scary Movie 5)

Sunday 17th March: On Saint Patrick's Day, Dr. Jallings posts YouTube video titled "Batteries, The Pluses & Minuses Dr Jailings Science Investigator #023." (New York City, New York) (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Monday 18th March: Kylie Bucknell goes into the basement looking for her phone, but she's attacked by "someone" and flees. Moments later, Amos arrives and Miriam Bucknell tells him she believes the house is haunted. Amos tries to record a EVP session. (57 Lynfield Road, Bulford, New Zealand) (Housebound)

Thursday 21st March: There are six sirens when opening Purge at 7 PM March 21st and seven sirens when closing Purge at 7 AM March 22nd. (Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California, USA) (The Purge)

April: The date on David Loki's car sticker. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Sunday 7th April: An article titled "NICA PIERCE RULED INSANE" is posted at 9:03 AM. (Cult of Chucky)

Wednesday 10th April: An article titled "NICA PIERCE RULED INSANE" is updated at 6:05 PM. (Cult of Chucky)

Wednesday 10th April: Laura Barns uploads a YouTube video (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Friday 12th April: Laura Barns commits suicide after an embarrassing video of her is uploaded to YouTube (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Friday 12th April: The RIP Laura Barns Facebook page is created in memory of her passing (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Saturday 13th April: Rachael Anne Carmichael's passport expires. (Unknown)

Wednesday 17th April: Corry Tibbits' driver's license expires. (Illinois) (Source Code)

May: Congressman Scott Talley tenders his resignation over allegations of using federal funds to purchase his mistress's fake breasts. The Motch brothers are called to a hearing for their association with international fugitive Toim Wattley. (The Campaign)

May: Kick-Ass joins Justice Forever. Mindy Macready bests mean girls at school. Chris D'Amico becomes The Motherfucker and gathers a team of supervillains. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

May: Caesar works on puzzles and models designed for people ages eight and up. (San Francisco, CA) (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Friday 17th May: Publication date of YouTube video called "Batteries, The Pluses & Minuses - Dr. Jallings Science Investigator #023." (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

Tuesday 21st May: Tito Lopez of Dos Bros Tacos befriends a fast snail named Turbo. (San Fernando Valley, California) (Turbo)

Wednesday 22nd May: Tito tries to get people to invest in Turbo. (San Fernando Valley, California) (Turbo)

Thursday 23rd May: Turbo is video-recorded as he races in front of people. (San Fernando Valley, California) (Turbo)

Friday 24th May: Newspaper headline: "THAT SNAIL IS FAST." (San Fernando Valley, California) (Turbo)

Saturday 25th May: Turbo gets ready for the Indy 500. (Indianapolis, Indiana) (Turbo)

Sunday 26th May: Turbo wins the Indy 500. (Indianapolis, Indiana) (Turbo)

Monday 27th May: Newspaper headline: "SNAIL WINS INDY 500." (Turbo)

June: Grown ups throw an '80s party. (Connecticut) (Grown Ups 2)

June: Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell join an internship program at Google. (Mountain View, CA) (The Internship)

June: Justice Forever defeats the Toxic Mega Cunts. Hit-Girl kisses Kick-Ass and leaves the city. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Tuesday 4th June: The estimated date for a $300 delivery to Miranda Swedlow. (Brooklyn, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Friday 7th June: The Internship is released. (The Internship)

July: Team Lyle bonds. (Mountain View, CA) (The Internship)

Friday 5th July: Terrorists attack the White House. (washington dc) (Olympus Has Fallen)

Friday 12th July: Pierre Perrault's driver's license expires. (Illinois) (Source Code)

Thursday 18th July: Data from Office of Public Health Awareness propogation projection studies says that Simian Flu has spread to 8.7 million people. (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Saturday 27th July: Downtown is photographed. (Los Angeles, California) (Elysium)

Tuesday 30th July: William Clement's driver's license expires. (Wisconsin) (Source Code)

August: Team Lyle succeeds in the final challenge of the internship program. (Mountain View, CA) (The Internship)

August: Thomas Young asks a question on Facebook's help center and it is later answered (Unfriended)

Saturday 24th August: Macgruber's passport expires. (MacGruber)

Monday 26th August: An accident occurs on a construction site. (Metropolis) (Man of Steel)

September: Dos Bros Tacos truck license plate expires. (Turbo)

Monday 16th September: A date on Frank Moses' car. (Red 2)

Wednesday 25th September: Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane arrives at a research outpost near a frozen Kryptonian scout spaceship. At 23:59:06, she photographs Clark Kent from a distance. (Arctic) (Man of Steel)

Thursday 26th September: Past midnight, Lois Lane follows Clark Kent to into the spaceship. Clark finds a hologram of his Kryptonian father Jor-El and learns that he is Kal-El. He meets Lois and heals her before leaving with a Kryptonian suit. (Arctic) (Man of Steel)

October: Lois Lane tracks Clark Kent to Smallville. He does not want the world knowing about him. When she is back in Metropolis, Perry White, furious that the story about Clark was leaked, gives Lois three weeks' leave without pay. (Man of Steel)

October: After befriending Rachel Kushner, Greg Gaines sits with her and her friends in the cafeteria. (Pittsburgh, PA) (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl)

Wednesday 9th October: Blaire Lily downloads 4 songs (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Friday 11th October: General Zod broadcasts a message to Earth, saying that he is looking for Kal-El. (Arctic) (Man of Steel)

Friday 11th October: Blaire Lily messages Jess Felton through Facebook messenger (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Saturday 12th October: Kal-El reveals himself to the world as he saves humans from General Zod. (Metropolis) (Man of Steel)

Tuesday 29th October: Marjolaine Legault's driver's license expires. (Illinois) (Source Code)

Thursday 31st October: A video of a Slender Man sighting is uploaded to the internet (Wellston, Missouri) (Slender Man)

November: Lois Lane works at the Daily Planet again after her three weeks' leave. (Metropolis) (Man of Steel)

Friday 1st November: Andy Barclay brings Chucky's head to Dr. Foley and shoots it to prove that he's alive and Nica is innocent. Foley is unconvinced. A video of the incident is uploaded online as "Proof Chucky Did It." (Cult of Chucky)

Monday 4th November: Blaire Lily messages Sean Goller through Facebook messenger (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Tuesday 5th November: Blaire Lily messages Ryan Malvone through Facebook messenger (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Thursday 14th November: Blaire Lily downloads 14 songs (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Friday 15th November: Blaire Lily downloads a song (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Sunday 17th November: Blaire Lily downloads 2 songs (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Monday 18th November: Blaire Lily messages Adam Sidman through Facebook messenger (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Tuesday 19th November: Nica Pierce's mental state is documented. (Cult of Chucky)

Saturday 23rd November: The National Ballet Center presents The Nutcracker starting on this date. (Scary Movie 5)

Monday 25th November: A website called The Bent Bullet publishes an article and posts a video about the JFK assassination. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Thursday 28th November: Ann Dover and Joy Birch go missing. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Friday 29th November: Alex Jones is in custody as Detective David Loki investigates the case of the missing girls. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Saturday 30th November: People at the jail are released from holding. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Sunday 1st December: Keller Dover watched the now free Alex Jones choke his dog for a few seconds. He kidnaps Alex for questioning. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Monday 2nd December: Keller shows Alex to Franklin Birch. Franklin holds Alex while Keller questions and tortures him. During a vigil, Loki chases a running man who gets away. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Tuesday 3rd December: Franklin shows his wife Nancy what they have been doing to Alex. Nancy tells Franklin not to help Keller but not to stop him. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Wednesday 4th December: Loki tries following Keller Dover but is spotted by him. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Monday 9th December: General Zod broadcasts a message to Earth, saying that he is looking for Kal-El. (Metropolis) (Man of Steel)

Monday 9th December: Blaire Lily messages Adam Sewell through Facebook messenger (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)

Tuesday 10th December: Kal-El reveals himself to the world and saves humans from General Zod. (Metropolis) (Man of Steel)

Tuesday 10th December: Loki takes Bob Taylor into custody. Taylor commits suicide after drawing a maze. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Wednesday 11th December: Joy Birch escapes and is taken to the hospital. Detective Loki discovers Alex Jones in a beaten condition. Keller Dover is put in a hole by kidnapper Holly Jones. Loki arrives at her house and shoots her to death as he rescues Anna Dover. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

Thursday 12th December: The police excavate around the Jones house. Loki hears Keller Dover whistle from the hole. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

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