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Movie events on the 18th March


Grover Cleveland is born. (Caldwell, New Jersey) (The Monroe Doctrine)


Divya Narendra is born. (Bronx, New York) (The Social Network)

Jennifer K. Mack's bogus airline tickets are produced by David Kessler. (Seattle, Washington) (WarGames)


Billy passes 5th grade. (Billy Madison)


Paul Lindstrom, father of Gus and Lars, dies at 59. (Lars and the Real Girl)


Kylie Bucknell goes into the basement looking for her phone, but she's attacked by "someone" and flees. Moments later, Amos arrives and Miriam Bucknell tells him she believes the house is haunted. Amos tries to record a EVP session. (57 Lynfield Road, Bulford, New Zealand) (Housebound)

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