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Movie events on the 19th November


Franklin Pierce marries Jane Means Appleton. (Amherst, New Hampshire) (The Great Moment)


Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysberg address. (Gettysberg, Pennsylvania) (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)


New York paper "American", published by the Hearst Corp., hires Louella Parsons as movie editor. (The Cat's Meow)


Swan makes a deal with the devil that keeps him looking young for the next twenty years. (Phantom of the Paradise)


Jordan Washington(which is based on real life criminal Larry Davis)is ambushed at his girlfriends' apartment by corrupt police officers that want to murder him. (The Bronx, New York) (Night Falls on Manhattan)


During a Press Conference, two news reporters ask President Andrew Shepherd about his relationship with Sydney Wade. The president answers that they just had dinner. Later that night, Sydney decides to visit the White House to tell Andrew Shepherd that they should stop seeing each other. They end up making love. (The White House, Washington D.C.) (The American President)


James Cole kidnaps Dr. Kathryn Railly. (Twelve Monkeys)


Joel Barish is bored at the prospect of being a boring couple with Clem Kruczynski, as they have dinner at Kang's again. (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)


Nica Pierce's mental state is documented. (Cult of Chucky)


Chappie takes part in the heist. Amerika, Hippo, and Yolandi die in a battle. Chappie beats up Vincent and supposedly transfers the consciousness of a mortally wounded Deon into a robot. Chappie's consciousness is also transferred to another robot. Ninja finds backup data containing Yolandi's neural patterns. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (Chappie)

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