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Movie events on the 25th September


Charlie Chaplin signs with Keystone. (Chaplin)


The Stein family and many other rich Jewish families try to attempt on a boat to Belgium, but are intercepted by a Nazi boat - only Rachel Stein survives. (Holland) (Black Book)

Operation Market-Garden ends, the Anglo-American operation to take Nijmeagan Bridge. (A Bridge Too Far)

Gordon Gekko is born. (New Brunswick, New Jersey) (Wall Street)


"Rose" is born. (Gatlin, Nebraska) (Children of the Corn)


The day of the last atmospheric nuclear test on US soil. (The Hills Have Eyes)


Chris Gardner's bank account is drained by the government for his tax bill. (San Francisco) (The Pursuit of Happyness)


A film adaptation of The Princess Bride is released. (United States) (I Love You, Beth Cooper)


Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane arrives at a research outpost near a frozen Kryptonian scout spaceship. At 23:59:06, she photographs Clark Kent from a distance. (Arctic) (Man of Steel)

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