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Band uniforms at high school stay the same at least up to the end of 2013. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)


Barry is born. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)


Wednesday 19th August: A boy named Barry goes missing. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Monday 31st August: An article titled "Conyers Boy Disappears" details the disappearance of Barry Milland. (Pennsylvania)

Wednesday 2nd September: An article titled "No Leads in Milland Disappearance Case" is published. (Pennsylvania)

Thursday 15th October: An article titled "Police Hold Press Conference On Conyers" is published. (Pennsylvania)


Monday 8th January: Bob Taylor is born. (Pennsylvania)


Monday 1st July: Bob Taylor's entry date. (Pennsylvania)


June: Keller Dover drinks alcohol for the last time until nine and a half years later. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)


Ann Dover is born. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)


Isaac Jones is murdered. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)


Keller Dover uses lye to bury the family dog. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)


April: The date on David Loki's car sticker. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Thursday 28th November: Ann Dover and Joy Birch go missing. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Friday 29th November: Alex Jones is in custody as Detective David Loki investigates the case of the missing girls. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Saturday 30th November: People at the jail are released from holding. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Sunday 1st December: Keller Dover watched the now free Alex Jones choke his dog for a few seconds. He kidnaps Alex for questioning. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Monday 2nd December: Keller shows Alex to Franklin Birch. Franklin holds Alex while Keller questions and tortures him. During a vigil, Loki chases a running man who gets away. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Tuesday 3rd December: Franklin shows his wife Nancy what they have been doing to Alex. Nancy tells Franklin not to help Keller but not to stop him. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Wednesday 4th December: Loki tries following Keller Dover but is spotted by him. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Tuesday 10th December: Loki takes Bob Taylor into custody. Taylor commits suicide after drawing a maze. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Wednesday 11th December: Joy Birch escapes and is taken to the hospital. Detective Loki discovers Alex Jones in a beaten condition. Keller Dover is put in a hole by kidnapper Holly Jones. Loki arrives at her house and shoots her to death as he rescues Anna Dover. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

Thursday 12th December: The police excavate around the Jones house. Loki hears Keller Dover whistle from the hole. (Conyer, Pennsylvania)

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