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Ice starts forming around a Kryptonian scout spaceship. (Arctic)


Francisco Vasquez de Coronado explores Kansas. (Kansas)


4th July: The Louisiana Purchase, which would include Kansas. (Kansas)


June: Lewis and Clark travel Kansas. (Kansas)


Alexander Keith's brewery is established. (Halifax, Nova Scotia)


The Kansas-Nebraska Act organizes Kansas into a territory. (Kansas)


29th January: Kansas enters the Union as a free state. (Kansas)


A year in the history of Kansas. (Kansas)


The Grasshopper Plague of Kansas. (Kansas)


Jonathan Kent is born. (Smallville, Kansas)


Monday 17th May: Brown v. Board of Education is decided. (Topeka, Kansas)


December: Kal-El is born on Krypton. He is sent to Earth as Krypton is destroyed.


Kal-El arrives on Earth to be raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent. They name him Clark Kent. (Smallville, Kansas)


Clark Kent experiences X-ray vision at school. Jonathan and Martha reveal that he is from another world. (Smallville, Kansas)


December: Clark Kent stops a bus full of students from drowning. (Smallville, Kansas)


Jonathan Kent dies in a tornado. (Smallville, Kansas)


Monday 26th August: An accident occurs on a construction site. (Metropolis)

Wednesday 25th September: Daily Planet journalist Lois Lane arrives at a research outpost near a frozen Kryptonian scout spaceship. At 23:59:06, she photographs Clark Kent from a distance. (Arctic)

Thursday 26th September: Past midnight, Lois Lane follows Clark Kent to into the spaceship. Clark finds a hologram of his Kryptonian father Jor-El and learns that he is Kal-El. He meets Lois and heals her before leaving with a Kryptonian suit. (Arctic)

October: Lois Lane tracks Clark Kent to Smallville. He does not want the world knowing about him. When she is back in Metropolis, Perry White, furious that the story about Clark was leaked, gives Lois three weeks' leave without pay.

Friday 11th October: General Zod broadcasts a message to Earth, saying that he is looking for Kal-El. (Arctic)

Saturday 12th October: Kal-El reveals himself to the world as he saves humans from General Zod. (Metropolis)

November: Lois Lane works at the Daily Planet again after her three weeks' leave. (Metropolis)

Monday 9th December: General Zod broadcasts a message to Earth, saying that he is looking for Kal-El. (Metropolis)

Tuesday 10th December: Kal-El reveals himself to the world and saves humans from General Zod. (Metropolis)

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